Facts on Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Facts on Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Facts on Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

https://worldspaper.com/ Food allergy is common for people with low immune systems. Although nobody can tell, even medical experts, what is the real cause of food allergies. But one thing is for sure, it is because your immune system sees it as a health problem. Doing skin tests and blood tests will diagnose if you are allergic to some foods that you have ingested.

Foods like peanuts or shellfish can cause allergic reactions in some people. Persons who are suffering from this experience skin rashes, wheezing, vomiting, and worse, slow breathing. Some antibodies that have a different reaction to the immune system cause this. Physicians would do several steps in diagnosing the root cause of the problem.

There can be several causes for having allergies to food. You should start by telling your doctor about your family history especially if there are members in your family who have the same case as you. A skin test can also be used as a diagnostic tool in determining allergic reactions to a particular food. Aside from the foods eaten, chemicals that contain in the food may also be one cause of this problem. Doing some diet or not eating the suspected food may also help in the process of finding out the root cause.

Food allergy

Food allergy is directly related to food intolerance; there is no solid and effective tool for diagnosing this problem considering the many types and varieties of foods that people usually eat. Some people may be lactose intolerant, which means that their digestive system is slow in digesting lactose. This problem is prevalent in small children. That is why food industries keep on developing lactose-free milk formulas to help children with this kind of problem. In fact, some baby formulas are soy-based.

The food intolerance problem can be alarming. Symptoms include vomiting and loss of bowel movement or indigestion. One should be watchful of the ingredients found in the food that one is about to eat. Dairy products are one of the many causes of this. People suffering from this should avoid drinking fresh milk and even eating cheese.

Eating organic foods would help eliminate or prevent this type of digestive problem. However, if one is suffering from it, careful attention and awareness of food intake should be considered. Choose foods that are fresh and with fewer chemicals.


If one is positive or has symptoms, do not hesitate to see your physician immediately. A Series of medical tests are given to identify the specific food, which causes this problem. Some are skeptical about the tests taken and whether it effectively targets the particular food that causes the allergies. However, on the kind of food taken, one should also be aware of every ingredient of every recipe.

This problem can be carried for a lifetime, some medications are available to prevent skin allergy but it is only a temporary relief and not a permanent one. To play safe, avoid foods that contain allergens, which may aggravate the problem.

Now if you have allergies, you might as well seek professional help to ensure that you will not have an anaphylactic shock. You can also opt-in to seek help from a holistic health practitioner for a safer way to address this problem.

What Makes People Eat Raw Food?

Throughout kitchens and restaurants around the world, there is a revolution taking place. People are turning to Raw Food as opposed to the cooked food that society has traditionally eaten. Which begs the question: Why?

One of the primary ways we experience the world around us is through what we eat, drink and think. So why then would people be foolish enough to put food into their bodies that isn’t cooked? After some extensive research, it turns out these people might not be as foolish as originally thought.

The assumption behind cooking food is that the original form of Nature, as it exists, must be altered in some way in order for it to exist in an artificial form inside us. Or simply put, when feeding something natural (our body), it is necessary to give it something unnatural.

The problem is that when food is cooked it becomes less than it was before, never more. According to International Best-Selling author and Raw Food expert, David Wolfe, cooking alters organic molecules. When those molecules are ingested, they become part of our tissues. Thus eating cooked food alters our tissue at a fundamental level.

Cooked food is dense. It leaves a toxic ash residue in the body after it has been processed. Over many years, the debris from this toxic residue accumulates and is deposited throughout our tissue. Eventually, the toxins reach a crisis level, clogging and poisoning our body’s systems which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

What is Raw Food?

Raw food is alive, but it still contains the vital nutrients and enzymes that gave the food life in the first place. Cooking food (above 239? F) destroys all of the enzymes and the food becomes “dead”.

Enzymes are vital in that the body requires them to digest and absorb food, effectively helping to turn it into fuel.

Enzymes also are essential for many of the body’s processes such as breathing, digestion, circulation, cognition, and the prevention of inflammation and aging.

Cooked Food = No Enzymes

Eating cooked and processed foods makes one groggy, affects moods, lower’s one’s level of attention, and interferes with the body’s optimal functioning. A poor diet of highly cooked foods can also have a detrimental effect on longevity.

A cooked seed will not grow. It has had the life burnt out of it. How then would eating cooked food be the best way to help us grow?

Cooked food was not here when we first appeared on Earth.

Raw food was.

Raw-Animal or Raw-Plant Food?

Some people opt for a raw-animal diet, however, typically the health of these people weakens over time, for a number of reasons. Namely, meat can be very high in fat, cholesterol, calories, and disease and bacterial contamination.

The other option is a raw-plant-based diet.

People who follow a raw-plant-based diet benefit from vital enzymes which allow the body to fully digest food, enzymes that are typically lost when food is cooked.

Health benefits include:

  • Having more energy
  • The skin has a much healthier complexion
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • A significant drop in the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases [1]

Warning: Detox Alert

Raw/Live foods are naturally detoxifying, the more toxicity your body has, the more of a reaction you could have to these cleansing foods. You may look and feel worse before you look and feel better!

This is completely natural and is the body’s way of releasing all the rubbish that has been stored up over time – if this happens to you, feel good as it’s working and you’re on your way to a healthy active life.

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