The Evolution of Car Cameras

Car Dash camera

A car camera is quite an innovation when it comes to cars. But cameras have taken the market by storm. Providing enhanced safety, cars today can have front-facing, rear-facing and 360-degree view cameras. In this article, we will explain everything about car cameras, along with the innovation and history encompassing this vehicular technology in the modern world. 

Among the latest car electronics accessories, a camera is something that can perfectly match the car when it comes to safety. Apart from combining sensors and automatic braking systems, backup cameras were discovered to cut crashes by 78%, according to reports. Considering that car accidents kill around 200 to 300 people each year, the use of car cameras is one of the essential parts of the vehicle and not only helps prevent accidents but also saves lives. 

A car dash camera is one of the things to install in a car, and there are multiple things to consider before installing cameras. This article will highlight the history of car cameras and the innovation that has been followed for years. 

History of a Car Camera

Drivers discovered that the initial camera was in 1956, in a car that Chuck Jordan designed. It was a four-passenger car that appeared like a future vehicle with a fibreglass body, transparent bubble roof and a TV camera mounted at the trunk’s core. It had an instrument panel featuring a receiver that could display the pictures transmitted from the camera and did not require a rear view mirror. It was an exclusive and concept car because it looked beautiful. 

After ages of studying the safety of automobiles, the Volvo company also unveiled the concept of an experimental safety car in 1972. It was a Swedish company that invented a three-point seat belt in a modern way in 1959. Other car manufacturers also utilised their patents, inscribing the company’s name to the public, considering it a safety powerhouse. 

The experiment with safety cars came with seat belts, tightly pulled rear and front airbags and front and rear bumpers that can absorb the impact. It had an automatic fuel set-up mechanism and wipers for headlights and rear windows. Among all the other safety features, a backup camera made the car stand out among the rest. It would transmit pictures to the cathode ray tube screen developed inside the vehicle’s dashboard. 

Toyota, in 1991, discovered production but only within Japan and the home market and not in different countries. The automobile company added a backup coupled device camera connected to the electro-multi-vision screen. 

New Age Car Cameras

Backup cameras for automobiles became popular when Nissan launched the infinity 2002 version. As a flagship suddenly in the New York International auto show in 2000. The car had the camera mounted on the trunk and the licence plate. It would transmit the picture of the footage and capture a 7-inch LCD screen display developed into the car’s dashboard. The image on the screen would also highlight guidelines for car drivers to use as reference points during parking. Nissan also highlighted a rear view camera during the North American market launched in March 2001. 

After several years, Cadillac introduced a video camera in its cars and added it with a rear view mirror to decrease the number of blind spots for car drivers turning their cars in reverse. It came with high resolution and a suitable transistor and would highlight the drivers with pictures from a high-definition camera. They have developed the camera with an accurate district combination to offer drivers a vision field of 300% greater than regular rear view mirrors. 

Multiple models of vehicles have been a success by combining new technology with automatic braking systems in a car. Those were only around 5% of the vehicles in the world. The technology has increased the security and safety of passengers by multiple layers. However, the prediction was – all cars must have automatic front braking systems in the upcoming years. The department of national highway traffic safety administration and transportation of the United States also announced that all vehicles need to be equipped with rear view visibility systems. 

They were, at times, the only premium car models with backup cameras with numerous parallel parking cameras or other systems that would provide parking facilities. Nowadays, getting a camera feature as a customisation for any car is famous. Camera Technology has reached the best level and is still on-going here, as there is a long way to go. 

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Wrapping Up

It is what you need to know about the history of car cameras in recent years. The car camera has a long way to go, and the system could even capture the driver’s movement in the future. Some cars now have multiple cameras, ranging from facial recognition software to blind spot cameras and more made for the preparation of the end and safety with autonomous vehicles.

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