Everything you need to know about the GP rating course


After clearing the senior secondary or the 10th-grade examination people can easily go for GP rating course training which is a beginner course in the world of merchant Navy. Any kind of student who is interested to undertake the profession associated with the merchant navy can proceed with this particular course because they will be getting jobs which will be financially beneficial and will be providing them with the element of satisfaction in their life.

This particular programme will be lasting for six months and will be preparing the candidates for the major positions in the maritime industry which will be for the deck and the Indian crew. Undertaking the GP rating course merchant navy is a good idea on the behalf of individuals so that everybody will be at the forefront in terms of having a very good career in the long run.

Some of the very basic technicalities which people need to understand about this particular course are explained as follows:

Role of the GP rating:

In the engine department the concerned people will be dealing with the room maintenance, support and general engine-related technicalities in the whole process so that multiple para metres will be understood. Such experts will be assisting the engineers in cleaning the parts of the engine as well as in the engine room.

In the deck department, such people will be dealing with the ship servicing, support and navigation-related technicalities so that cargo operation will be carried out with proficiency by removal of the dust and painting it afterwards.


 In the cases of academics’ people need to have a minimum of 40% from a recognised board in the 10th and 12th classes. As per the medical standards people need to have a good understanding of the shipping guidelines associated with the merchant navy so that everybody will be very well capable of dealing with the basic things very well. On the other hand with the help of age-related technicalities, people need to lie between 17.5 and 25 years of age.


In this particular case people will be perfectly thought about the maintenance, routine and functioning of the ship very successfully so that responsibilities will be understood by them. A very basic background in the concept of safety, accident prevention and marine pollution will also be understood by the concerned people without any kind of problem.

Everyone will be getting the basic engineering knowledge and other associated things in this particular scenario so that knowledge of tools, equipment and instruments will be easily understood without any problem. The concerned people will be getting hands-on experience in operating the lifeboat and starting with the basic engine technicalities.

Over and above the above-mentioned points with the help of GP in merchant navy people will be able to enjoy a very bright future in the long run and the best part is that placement opportunities will be significantly made available to the individuals with the registration of the shipping firms and other associated things. The concerned people will be having a bright future along with good salary prospects.

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