Essential Things To Know Before Installing Pallet Rack

Pallet Racking

A pallet racking system is one of the many storage solutions used by warehouses and storage facilities. Apart from handling a significant amount of weight, this storage system also helps keep the warehouse organised to create more efficiency in the available space.

When selecting and installing a pallet racking system, there is a lot to bear in mind. These factors help warehouse owners or managers get it right the first time and avoid stockroom mistakes. Here is a closer look.

The Warehouse Floor Layout

The warehouse’s shape, size and height play a major role in determining the warehouse floor. Understanding the warehouse capabilities against the load requirement will make it easy to understand the adjustments needed, thus improving layout functionality. The warehouse layout has to be such that there is room for aisles where the forklifts will pass and for workers to move around without bumping into boxes. Rackings will start from low and move upwards. Consider the positioning of the windows, the ventilation systems and the doors.

The Price 

A better understanding of the floor layout and the warehouse height means you already know how many pallet racks are necessary for the space. Once you know how many racks the warehouse requires, it becomes easy to draft a budget. In the cost, ensure to include that of the installation company and all necessary to aid in the process.


Pallet storage racks ensure immediate access to products and parts of the warehouse. The access to products needed in a warehouse depends on the frequency of loading, type of goods, stock rotation and movement and dispatches. Planning for accessibility during pallet installation will help increase efficiency and limit accidents or damages. 

Rack Maintenance

Pallets need routine checkups to prevent any accidents from happening. When considering installing these storage solutions, ensure a maintenance system rests in a place that will ensure the bolts, crossbeams, frame anchors, and cross bars are in place and fully engaged. For huge warehouses, formulating a checkup list for preventive maintenance can help, done either weekly or bi-weekly, to improve safety.

Weight Of The Materials For Storing

Pallets can hold significant weight. Different types of pallets hold different types of weights. Installing the 36 by 36 pallets can hold up to 4700 lbs, 48 by 48 can hold 3700 lbs and 42 by 42 the same amount of weight. If the warehouse handles heavy-duty goods or equipment, ensure the pallets can withstand the weight. It is vital to note that overstocking the pallets with excess weight can lead to a system collapse, causing injuries and creating losses because of the damages and breakages.

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The Type Of Pallet Racking System Available

Different pallet racks have different strengths and weaknesses, each with suitable load recommendations. The most common types that warehouses and storage facilities use are:

ü Selective pallet racking

ü Pallet flow racking

ü Drive-in pallet racking system

Once you understand what each does and how they can help improve the storage issue of the warehouse, it becomes easy to choose the best-suited type. Ultimately, warehouses can incorporate all types in different sections of the warehouse.

The Pallet Racking Manufacturer

Choosing the most suitable one out of so many pallet-racking manufacturers in the market can take time and effort. To ensure you find the best suited, do field research and find the one with a pristine industry reputation guaranteeing the best. Alternatively, you can ask for referrals from other warehouse owners or managers. Let them recommend the manufacturers that handle their racking system, and you can use them.

Have Well-Trained Employees

Warehouse owners should ensure on-site employees know and understand the safe operation of pallet racking systems before installation. Warehouse efficiency improves as employees find the systems reliable and safe to use. A training program to help them figure out the racking system must include operating forklifts and awareness of the dangers and risks associated with poorly managed pallet racking systems, among others.

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A pallet racking system is one of the most versatile warehouse storage systems. It can handle the significant weight, helps utilise the warehouse’s vertical space, and improves efficiency. However, not all pallet racking systems have the same design or equal capacity. It becomes essential to do thorough research before investing in this storage solution.


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