Easy Santa Claus Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids

Easy Santa Claus Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids this straightforward Santa Claus drawing for kids will be useful even if it’s their first time. It will be helpful if we can have them draw a cute little Santa while we explain the background of St. Nicholas and how he came to be known as Santa Claus.

To encourage their inventiveness and curiosity, we should tell children lots of captivating stories because they enjoy listening to them. Children will gain from learning how to draw Santa Clause since it will improve their drawing skills and help them comprehend why Santa Claus only appears at Christmas.

Cute Santa Claus Drawing

A bishop by the name of St. Nicholas who lived in fourth-century Rome is where Santa Claus got his start. Drawing For Kids is up for debate whether or not Santa Claus is a real person. It is thought that to assist three girls in finding husbands, he covertly dropped some gold coins down the chimney of a poor family.

He is primarily remembered for his philanthropic work with the underprivileged and destitute. The money dropped into a drying stocking set up close to the fireplace. For this reason, people hang stockings near the fireplace so Santa Claus can fill them with gifts. With Santa Claus’s drawings for kids and the background of his appeal, let’s be sure to give our children something to look forward to.

Step By Step Santa Claus Drawing


  • Let’s draw a stick person. You’ll note that we are short and fat in stature. The widths of the pelvis and the chest are quite similar. Women and overweight men are the only people that have this body type. Also, remember that the first few steps should be drawn with extremely faint lines because we’ll need to erase them in the following ones.


  • Prior behavior was key. Before continuing to the following step, ensure your stickman is the proper size. We’ll need these intersecting lines later to help us construct the face’s details, so draw them first. And now, we use circles and cylinders to cut out the silhouette of our Santa Claus. Remember that Santa needs to have limbs and a belly that is both big enough.


  • No Santa is complete without a beard and hat. So let’s draw the contours of the beard and cap. In the same phase, sketch the outline of our Santa’s attire. You can see that the beard and the head are around the same size.


  • Okay, the result is excellent already. Let’s continue drawing. Santa Claus’s nose, brows, and eyes will be drawn in this step. There should be enough room in the eyes. Remember to design the boom, which should be positioned over the eyes.


  • Therefore, we’ll continue with the drawing tutorial, showing you how to draw Santa Claus. The following phase will be much easier than the previous one. Just make dark, distinct lines for the coat and the belt.


  • Let’s now sketch weapons. Palms ought to be appropriately smaller than sleeves. Draw folds on the fabric and the bag, don’t forget. Remember to remove all extraneous guidelines from the arms and the remainder of the upper body, too.


  • And this drawing tutorial is essentially over at this point. We’ll go into detail about pants and boots in this phase. Let’s outline the legs with distinct, dark lines and eliminate extraneous ones. You can also make out some of the details you need to draw.


  • Overlaying shadows will be the final step. The bag, sleeves, coat, pants, and a good portion of the beard should all have them. Don’t forget that we employ traditional hatching to depict shadows.

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