Digital Marketing: The 5 articles you should not miss

Digital Marketing:

Throughout the summer, we invite you to (re)discover a selection of articles from the Big Data & Digital blog. The opportunity to find through our various themes the most striking articles and those that you have acclaimed this year. On the agenda today: Digital Marketing.

After our catch-up session “Digital Transformation: The 5 articles that should not be missed”, we leave this week for an overview of the challenges and developments of Digital Marketing, the growing place of Big Data, personalization of the offer thanks to the recommendation engine Digital Marketing.

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1. Marketing can no longer ignore Big Data

Data continues to fascinate business departments and raise questions about its uses and contributions. Today, Digital Marketing is certainly one of the functions that derives the most value from the exploitation of data. However, not all companies have yet activated this development lever.

2. Real-time recommendation engine: the Holy Grail of DigitalMarketing

The real-time recommendation engine is part of the  marketing technologies and participates in the major current trends in the sector, in particular the personalization, or even hyper-personalization, of the Digital Marketing and commercial offer.

And yet, the personalization of the offer, its success and its sustainability, is by no means a pure technological response. In this article, Mathieu Moisant explains to us how strategy, organization and processes must accompany and frame this technological brick.

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3. Luxury succumbs to the era of Digital Marketing

Once opposed, the worlds of luxury and Digital Marketing have come together. On the one hand, an industry that relies on rarity and exception; on the other, the world of the web, a mass market nourished by news, transparency and free, the place of good deals and the general public.

These two universes, which everything opposed, have nevertheless become complementary by force of circumstance. So that digital luxury is no longer an oxymoron, but a powerful association and luxury marketing no longer hesitates to use web tools.

4. Digital ignites B2B Marketing

With Digital Marketing, the business of B2B companies is experiencing a real revolution and is moving the lines of business and enterprise. Today, the importance of direct commercial action is declining sharply in favor of marketing action.
Digital Marketing Transformation which is spreading its share of innovation in all the departments of the company, and in particular in the marketing and sales functions.

5. Agile marketing feeds on smart technologies

Many people seem to think that agile marketing is just faster and more flexible Digital Marketing. While this is on the whole correct, the fact remains that this point of view is somewhat restrictive.
Agile marketing is a process-oriented device whose goal is to generate proactive and innovative marketing actions.

Michaël Deheneffe invites us to discover in this article how agile marketing comes from a perfect union between agile methodologies, from the world of software development, and the creative and innovative field that is marketing.

The 10 major marketing trends for 2023

The world of Digital marketing is evolving at high speed and is constantly marked by the arrival of new technological advances. Google is a perfect example of this as they are driving a lot of changes in an attempt to keep the quality of search results high. The change in the behavior of Internet users and consumers are other factors influencing our marketing strategies.

20 essential digital marketing tools according to specialists
Currently, there are the thousands of digital marketing tools that marketers use to help them achieve specific goals, they help boost online sales, create high quality content, SEO , PPC, social media and email marketing

The keys to your digital strategy in 2023

This article is the result of the French annual Search Marketing conference, whose SEMrush team had the opportunity to participate in SMX Paris, bringing together international speakers and topics covering all aspects of Digital marketing : from the most technical SEO to Facebook Ads, through optimization for Instagram Stories and podcasts…

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