What Are Diagnosis And Treatments of Anxiety Disorder

anxiety disorder

If you get affected by anxiety disorder and it is increasing day by day and you can’t control it then you need to visit a anxiety therapist near me or a psychiatrist for proper treatment. Doctor or psychiatrist will diagnose the type of anxiety and then he will start treatment for it. But first of all you should try to treat anxiety at home by yourself with natural remedies. If you can’t control anxiety by yourself then you need to visit a specialist. You should not ignore this mental health disorder because it is so dangerous for your mental and physical health too. 


There are different ways of diagnosing anxiety treatment. Symptoms of anxiety disorder could be diagnosed by many processes. We will discuss some of the ways of diagnosing here. 

Psychological evaluation 

To diagnose anxiety, the first way is psychological evaluation. In this diagnosis, the doctor talks with you, he analyzes your behavior, he acces you of your gossips, he checks your complete medical history such as depression, stress, etc affects you before or not, misuse of any substance or drugs, etc. And during this process, the doctor diagnoses the symptoms and type of anxiety disorder. This work could only be done by an expert specialist so that’s why for diagnosis you should go to a good psychiatrist so that diagnosis is accurate.

Compare symptoms to criteria 

According to psychiatrist near me for anxiety, Many doctors diagnose symptoms criteria along with psychological evaluation. This work is also done by only a specialist doctor or a psychiatrist. He compares your symptoms in DSM-5. After comparing they come to know that you are affected by anxiety disorder or any other mental health disorder and if you are affected by anxiety disorder then which type of anxiety affects you and what is the better treatment for it which is effective for you. In this type you tell the doctor about your daily symptoms like what you feel, how is your behavior, your emotions, etc and the doctor analyzes all these things. 


There are many treatments for anxiety disorders. Medications and therapies are included in these treatments but only the doctor could tell you about psycho treatment and therapy. Follow the recommendations and advice of the doctor in regards to Therapies.


Anxiety disorder is treated by psychotherapies and cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy are included in this. In both therapies, the psychiatrist tries to create positive thoughts and he tries to reduce fear and negative thoughts. These both therapies help in reducing anxiety disorder to many extent. These both therapies are effective and reduce anxiety disorder to zero and after that a patient gets out of anxiety disorder. 

Anti-anxiety medicines 

Anti-anxiety medicines are those medicines which are used to control anxiety and panic attacks such as benzodiazepines, etc. These anti-anxiety medicines help so much in reducing anxiety disorder. These medicines effect so fastly, a patient recovers so fastly from this disorder. Your online psychiatrist near me can recommend you to use these medicines  for short term because if these medicines are used for long term then there are also side effects of it.


Antidepressants help you in stabilizing your mood, they help in improving mood and reducing stress and depression, etc. These medicines are also used for short term to control anxiety disorder but these medicines took some time to improve. They work slowly. If you feel that these medicines are working and now you can control anxiety disorder by yourself then do tell this to your doctor and stop taking these medicines after telling your doctor and after his advice. Don’t do it by yourself without the prescription of the doctor. 

Relaxation techniques 

These techniques are applied by the patients by themselves. If any person knows how to keep himself relaxed and cool then he should do this and keep himself relaxed and fresh. And whenever panic attacks, he should immediately try to relax himself without wasting time. Through these techniques, a person could get out of anxiety disorder or at least anxiety disorder will not increase more and it will reduce.


Exercise also helps a lot to treat anxiety disorder. When you are fit and you are in taking proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc in full amount which is essential then there are many less chances of anxiety disorder and it could also be reduce by exercising daily. Exercise reduces your physical symptoms so much and your behavior becomes better and you feels relaxed and fresh. And when you are relaxed then any type of anxiety can’t attack you and if it attacks you, then you can immediately control yourself because you are relaxed before it. 

Limit caffeine

If you are drinking or eating something which has caffeine in it such as tea, coffee, chocolate, etc then you should reduce these things or leave them completely. Because caffeine changes your mood and your symptoms also change and they increase and it becomes so dangerous for your mental and physical health.

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