Clear Correct: Your Best Aligners

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Clearcorrect alexandria la is a type of orthodontic treatment that straightens out teeth that are crowded or crooked. The only real difference between the aligners and regular braces is that the former is detachable and the latter are more comfortable. The polyurethane resin used to make the aligners is transparent and stain-resistant. If you do not disclose, someone else won’t be aware that you are receiving treatment. It does not imply that they are virtually undetectable, though. The aligners will be visible to someone if they know what to look for.

How does Clear Correct work?

Four steps of aligner therapy are used in the clearcorrect alexandria la treatment. A new pair of aligners are needed for every phase, and they must be worn for three weeks. Flexibility and control are made possible by the intervals between each step.

Aside from when you eat, drink, brush, and clean your teeth, Clear Correct aligners are worn all the time. The aligners were created with aesthetics in mind, are hardly apparent, and won’t interfere with your normal activities.

Depending on your unique ailment and degree of misalignment, treatment times can range from one to two years. Three types of treatment are available:

  • Unlimited: As many aligners as are required to finish the case is given to patients without limit.
  • Limited 12: Twelve sets of aligners are given to each patient.
  • Limited 6: 6 sets of aligners are given to patients who are on a limited budget.

Types of Clear Correct Aligners:

In-office aligners –

An alternative that is more cautious is in-office aligners like Invisalign and Clear Correct. You’ll schedule in-person consultations with a certified dentist or orthodontist to begin the treatment and periodically throughout it.

At-home aligners-

Direct-to-consumer aligners, also known as at-home aligners, are available for purchase online. You don’t need to go to an orthodontist in person for checks because the treatment is monitored remotely.

Who can benefit from Clear Correct?

Adults and teenagers can currently be treated with Clear Correct. (Compare with Invisalign Teen.) Children who might not have all of their molars and elderly patients with more complex dental issues may also be candidates for clear choice alexandria, but they should speak with their dentists to establish the course of action that best matches their needs.

The following orthodontic issues can be handled with Clear Correct:

  • Teeth that are crowded
  • Distance between teeth
  • Overbites \underbites
  • Teeth that are rotated or crooked

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