Christmas Hosting Sale-Get 35% off on VPS Server Netherlands

Christmas Hosting Sale- Get 35% off on VPS Server Netherlands

Merry Christmas. Christmas has arrived, the most beautiful time of the year. No need to worry if you miss the Diwali Sale and the Black Friday Sale. Hostbillo’s Santa will make your Christmas special with an exciting and attractive Discount on VPS Server Netherlands. 

Now you have to pay 35% less For the VPS Server, which is on your bucket list. It’s best to save a few more bucks. Hostbillo wants you to take advantage of this opportunity. You will experience the same features and benefits as the standard plan with Christmas Sale. There are not many days left, the sale is live from 19th December to 30th December. 

Get your suitable VPS in Netherlands to take advantage of the Christmas Sale right now. So without wasting time, let’s unwrap the gifts Hostbillo prepares for you.

Enjoy 35% off on VPS Server Netherlands Annual Plan.

This Christmas, you are paying 35% less on your Favorite VPS Server Netherlands Plans. But how to avail of these offers? In 4 Simple steps, you can buy your desired VPS Server plan. 

  • Offer code for all VPS Server’s Annual Plan- DLVPSBILLO30
  • To avail of this Offer, Visit Hostbillo Hosting Solutions Official website
  • Click on Grab Now on Christmas Hosting Sale
  • Choose the Suitable VPS Server Plan
  • Enter Promo Code in “Use Promotional Code”
  • Buy it

This offer is valid till 30th December 2022. So time is valuable, grab this offer to enjoy all the advantages before it ends. Now let’s dive into the plans Hostbillo offer with Cheap VPS Netherlands.

  • Billo V1

Hostbillo’s Billo V1 plan comes at just 99.61$ for a year in the Christmas Hosting Sale. Which is 35% lesser than the usual plan cost, which is 153.26$. With the VPS Hosting Netherlands Billo V1 plan, you get-

  • 1 Core CPU
  • 25 GB SSD
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Shared Port

With a Cheap VPS Billo V1 plan, you get these robust and powerful hardware resources.

  • Billo V2

Hostbillo offers another exciting VPS Server Netherlands plan at a low price. After using the Christmas Hosting Sale Discount, you get it lesser price. Hostbillo’s Billo V2 Plan costs 255.39$ Annually. In the sale, it cost you only 166$. With this plan, you acquire these resources.

  • 2 Core CPU
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Shared Port

Using the Billo V2 plan, you’ll have access to these robust and powerful hardware resources.

  • Billo V3

The third VPS Server plan offered by Hostbillo is Billo V4. In The Christmas Sale, you only have to pay 298.86$. The regular price is 459.79, but you can get all the features and benefits at a lower price in the sale. With the Billo V3 plan, you get these resources.

  • 4 Core CPU
  • 100 GB SSD
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Shared Port

You can take advantage of these powerful hardware resources with the Billo V3 plan.

  • Billo V4

Billo V4 is the best plan you can get. Hostbillo Billo V4 is the top VPS Server plan in Netherlands. With the Billo V4 plan, you get the top resources with VPS Server Netherlands. You can buy Hostbillo’s Billo V4 at just 398.48$ as compared to the regular price 613.06$. 

With the Billo V4 plan, you get these vital resources.

  • 6Core CPU
  • 250 GB SSD
  • 6 Gb RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Shared Port

The Billo V4 plan provides you with these robust and effective hardware resources from Netherlands locations.

This Christmas, you can save 35% on your favorite VPS in Netherlands plans, with all the features and benefits similar to standard plans. Now the next question is why you should buy Netherlands VPS from Hostbillo. Some features are very useful for your website. Let’s understand why Hostbillo’s VPS Server is best for your business website in the Netherlands.

Why Choose Hostbillo’s VPS Netherlands?

Why Choose Hostbillo’s VPS Netherlands?

There are many reasons to host your website with Hostbillo’s VPS Server. But we will discuss the top 5 reasons Why they are the Best Web Hosting Services provider and why you should choose them. The reasons are;

  • Security-Focused VPS Server

Hostbillo focuses on Security more than anything else. For any client, Security is very important. High Security is very important for keeping your website and personal data safe. Data breaching is becoming a normal problem these days. For keeping Data safe, Hostbillo offers Data-Encryption with DDoS Protection to protect your website from DDoS Attacks.

  • Flexibility

With much more flexibility, you can take advantage of using VPS per your requirements. Hostbillo gives you the privilege to choose the OS you want to offer you better flexibility. You can choose Linux VPS Hosting or Windows VPS Hosting. Even more, you get SSH Root Access. So you can install any application, program, or software on VPS Server.

With many more options to customize and an option to Upgrade or downgrade server resources helps you to control VPS Server as needed. So you can get the best out of the plan you choose.

  • 99.90% Uptime

Based on High-tech and advanced Resources, Hostbillo guarantees you 99.90% Uptime. Hostbillo has data centers throughout the globe, with the best network infrastructure. High-Uptime decreases the chances of a sudden crash and helps your website be always available, even in peak time.

  • Dedicated Server Resources

For any server, Resources are an essential part of high performance. Hostbillo’s VPS Netherlands comes with Dedicated Server Resources. The latest and advanced dedicated resources help your website run efficiently. 

It improves website speed performance and reliability. Hostbillo’s VPS Hosting Netherlands comes with SSD Storage that helps the website to load faster.

  • Bonus Features

Hostbillo’s VPS Server Netherlands is the most secure Web Hosting Service. Security Hostbillo offers other features like High Uptime, Flexibility with Dedicated Server resources. Apart from these features, Hostbillo also offers these features.

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Server Setup
  • 20x Faster Speed
  • 7 Days Credit Back Guarantee
  • 1 Click Installer
  • KVM Virtualization

Where VPS Hosting Can be Used? 

As we told earlier VPS is the best upgradation over shared Hosting. It is powerful enough to host a resource-intensive website and application. It comes with powerful resources that are helpful for hosting High Traffic websites. VPS Hosting Can be used for-

  • Hosting E-commerce Website
  • VPS can use for Hosting Multiple Websites
  • It can use by developers for testing applications and websites
  • Set Up VPN
  • High traffic Websites
  • VPS Can be Used For Streaming Online Content
  • Game Development 

Bottom Line

VPS Server Netherlands can be highly useful for your website. It can be used for hosting your e-commerce website, and high traffic website and VPS Server in the Netherlands comes at a lower price than Dedicated Server.  But in Hostbillo Christmas Hosting Sale, it costs you lesser than before. You get all the best features and benefits at a lower price. Hostbillo offers a flat 35% discount on all VPS Server Plans. 

This Christmas, you can Host your website on the most powerful and secured VPS server at the best price. To learn more about the offers and features of VPS, Visit Hostbillo Hosting Solution’s official website.

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