8 Unique Chardham Yatra Places You Must Visit in 2023

Unique Chardham yatra places

The Char Dhams are a group of four revered Hindu pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand, high in the Himalayas. It is a Hindu pilgrimage circuit that includes Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, all located in Uttarakhand. In the Hindu faith, all of these places are considered holy. Every Hindu aspires to at least make a single pilgrimage to one of the sacred sites to find salvation (Moksha). Furthermore, numerous Chardham yatra places hold great spiritual and medicinal significance and, of course, the beauty of Uttarakhand.

This pilgrimage tests the devotee’s will, humbleness, and trust as he or she makes the long journey to the Chardham temple, putting his or her troubles at the feet of the Deity and ignoring all else. The Char Dham Yatra was started in the 8th century by the famous Hindu scholar and reformer Adi Shankaracharya to revitalize Hinduism. Numerous people from all around the globe are now a part of it. Furthermore, you may need to trek about 18-20 kms to reach a particular destination. So it makes it difficult for the elderly and people will other chronic health conditions to access the temples. However, with LIH Travels Chardham helicopter package 2023, you can easily  you can easily commute to these dhams.

So now let’s explore some Chardham yatra places that must be a part of your itinerary.

Eight Chardham Yatra Places To Visit

1. Robber’s Cave

Robber’s Cave earned its name from the frequent usage of the Cave by would-be burglars. Guchhupani, on the other hand, is a name given to the Cave because of the springs that run through it. This Cave’s distinctive feature is that the flowing water vanishes for a brief while before reappearing farther down the Cave’s length. As a result, visitors may see a variety of water sources around the Cave. So this is among the best Chardham yatra places to visit.

2. Sahastradhara

While on your Yamunotri journey, take a break here for some peace. Take a moment to relax and recharge your boy, mind, and spirit. So this is a must-see location during Chardham because of its excellent weather and natural beauty. The medicinal benefits of the Sahastradhara springs are well-known among the locals. So, ensure to add the place to the list of Chardham yatra places.

3. Hanuman Chatti

Because of its proximity to the snow-capped Himalayan highlands, this Chardham yatra places is a popular starting point for treks to Dodi Tal, Darwa Top, and Yamunotri. You may visit a modest Hanuman Temple while in this nature-filled area. This location’s convergence of the Yamuna and the Ganga is especially noteworthy. So you may reach Yamunotri by taking a cab or jeep to Janki Chatti and then climbing the six kilometers to the top.

4. Surya Kund

According to their name, these water springs are called Surya, which translates to “Sun.” These hot waters are required for pilgrims to Yamunotri before they can continue with the Yamunotri Yatra. It’s possible to see how these waters may cook uncooked rice and potatoes simply by wrapping them in a towel and immersing them in the steaming water. The worshippers may also carry home any leftover prasad from the temple at Yamunotri, which is why this is the darshan granted to them.

5. Dharali

This village is near the former town of Harsil, which is just 2 kilometers away from where it is now situated. It is well known for the large acreage of apple orchards found there, and pilgrims may enjoy an incredible view of the orchards as they stretch to the Gangotri path. So this is among the Chardham yatra places to visit. Furthermore, the Shiva Temple is an additional destination in this area that regularly draws many worshippers.

On one side, the tranquil hamlet is positioned against the gorgeous background of the great Himalayan mountains, while on the other side, it lies on the banks of the famed holy Ganges. Additionally, your body and mind will feel refreshed and renewed when you complete the Chardham pilgrimage by traveling to this location.

6. Gangnani Hot Springs

Because it is located on the road to Gangotri, this is one of the Chardham yatra places you cannot miss if you travel to Gangotri. You will feel inspired to meditate here due to the surrounding environment, which has an abundance of wildlife and is known for its calm atmosphere. In addition, visitors to this location can take the breathtaking panorama of the snow-capped Himalayas from this vantage point. It is at a distance of more than 200 kilometers from Rishikesh.

After visiting Gangotri, worshippers and pilgrims traditionally bathe in the holy waters of Rishi Kund, a collection of hot springs, before continuing to pray at the main temple

7. Harsil

Harsil is home to this lovely little hamlet, which is around 70 kilometers away from the district of Uttarkashi. Further, this region is 2,600 meters above sea level, and the Bhagirathi River can be found winding its way through it. During the Chardham Pilgrimage, travelers will stop here on their way to Gangotri. So, you must also include it in your list of Chardham yatra places.

When you look around and see the beautiful meadows and verdant scenery, it soothes your mind and brings serenity to your spirit. You will see the procession of the Deity of Gangotri as it makes its way to the Mukhwa temple in Harsil if you go during the winter months.

Because there are quite a few different trekking routes that start here, there are also many different treks that one may go on.

8. Barkot

Within 50 kilometers of the Yamunotri pilgrimage destination, this little hill station is among the must-visit Chardham yatra places. Here you may locate several stunning Garhwal Himalayan peaks, notably the huge, snow-covered Bandarpoonch Peak. On the way to Yamunotri, there is an old temple worshiping Lord Shiva in this little village.

Chardham yatra Registration-

Registration for the yatra is mandatory, and people visiting without registration would not be allowed to proceed with the yatra. After the tragedy of 2013, the government made biometric registration compulsory to track the status of devotees and flow in each Dham. The Chardham registration is possible online on the registered website and offline. Also, when you book a Chardham yatra package, you can ask us to do all the registration formalities. If you are pondering how to book the Chardham yatra, contact the representatives at LIH Travels.


So these were the Chardham Yatra places in India. Additionally, make sure to include these places on your Yatra packages. Additionally, your Chardham pilgrimage would be more peaceful and memorable with these destinations on your list. Have a safe Yatra, and don’t forget to check out the helicopter packages by LIH Travel.

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