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Bio Clean Septic Tank is the best to use! Note that most of the houses, buildings, hotels, restaurants, and resorts are poorly maintained and the surrounding accommodation is not checked and can cause havoc. Poor decomposition of feces and food waste increases activity in septic tanks causing them to overflow Improper percentage of food and toilet waste leads to clogging of treatment facilities resulting in foul odors and a backlog of operations and necessitates cleaning of the septic tank.

Many areas in urban and semi-urban areas have suction trucks called into empty septic tanks once in a few months but most of them only remove water from the top leaving hard mud underneath.

Bio clean Septic tank is a natural microbial Bio Clean Septic Treatment product in which septic tank-producing bacteria are capable of completely degrading mental material. These microbes break down existing sludge, preventing its formation and reducing blockages. Septic is a cleaner. Seepage groups and porous stone walls break down the organic calluses in them thus solving your channels and backflow problems and helping with Bio Clean Septic Treatment.


  • It helps in cleansing, expands the passage of stool, and reduces the accumulation of mucus in your bowels
  • Improves fecal sludge management by preventing the release of choking and bad odors from your tank
  • Septic tank cleaners reduce the spread of disease-causing germs
  • 100% naturally formulated and safe with no synthetic fluids mixed
  • Simple and easy to use and economical


We use one packet of 250 grams every month. For severe problems, we will use 4 packets of 250g in the first-month Use two packets of 250g in the second-month Use and one packet of 250g from the third month


Poorly maintained septic tanks are a health hazard and can create an unbearable living environment if left untreated but frequent pump outs and pouring of caustic chemicals with chemicals or acids are ineffective.

The scientific truth behind your bio septic tank

Rapid Degradation Microorganisms present in the Bio Bioclean septic tank will degrade all the compost in the septic tank. Builds my relationships. Regular addition of Bioclean Septic prevents sludge build-up in the septic tank and greatly reduces the need for sewage disposal thus saving unnecessary costs.

Getting rid of oil and grease

Oil and grease build-up in accumulation is a major cause of concern. Because it causes blockages in your septic tank. Bioclean Septic Tank Plus is effective in building up to a septic tank with fat-breaking capabilities that prevent the build-up of fatty oil and grease.

Resistant to toxic chemicals pH and temperature fluctuations

The microbes in Bioclean Septic have been specially selected to thrive in a wide range of pH and temperature ensuring maximum efficiency in all conditions.

Prevents the growth of disease-causing germs

Bio Septic Tank Cleaner contains a fast-growing consortium of good bacteria that compete with germs for available food and space. Belgium Septic contains friendly microorganisms that inhibit the growth of geckos.

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