5 Agile courses that could make your Career

5 Agile Courses that Could Make Your Career

The pandemic has forced global organizations to change the way they think and plan. The global scenario saw a major shift and the companies had to re-strategize to survive and stay ahead of the competition. Leading companies are now looking for professionals who have the knowledge and the skill to lead an organization with the Agile approach. Agile project management courses or pmi acp certification can be a sure-shot way to take a lead. 

Upskilling is important, especially in highly competitive industries like software development. Therefore, to stay ahead in the game an individual must constantly improve his skill and knowledge to stay ahead in the game. 

Many Agile certifications are available and it can be quite a task to choose just one. Today, we will discuss 5 Agile courses that could help you climb the career ladder quickly. These courses are high in demand and will also improve your earning potential.  

Let us now have a look at the top 5 Agile Project management certifications –

1. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) :

It is one of the best courses to obtain an Agile certification. It is beneficial for professionals who want to improve their knowledge about the practical application of concepts and techniques of Agile. It is considered to be a golden standard for assessing competency in Agile concepts. The marketability increases and the since it is a very high-in-demand course there is an increase in professional growth as well. This course covers multiple Agile approaches like Scrum, Lean, Kanban, test-driven development, and Extreme Programming. PMI-ACP certification helps in improving versatility. The PMI-ACP certification is ideal for professionals like Agile coaches, project managers, product owners, and project planners. To maintain this certification, a candidate must, every three years must obtain 30 PDUs or professional development units in Agile topics. A candidate must possess 8 months of Agile experience in the last three years to apply for this course. Other requirements include 21 training hours in Agile practices, a secondary degree, and a year of general project experience in the last five years. And also best practices in this course you can enroll to EDUHUBSPOT , PMI-ACP bootcamp.

2. Agile Project Management or Agile PM :

This course combines the practices of Agile methodology as well as the principles of project management. The Agile PM certification is globally recognized and proves a candidate’s ability to adhere to Agile principles in project management in an Agile-focused environment. This course covers various aspects like how to successfully lay the foundation of an Agile project and also prepares you for the Foundation exam. This course is great for professionals who want to become Agile Project managers and also for those who are practicing project managers. An individual who has passed this course will be able to differentiate between different management styles that are needed for a project within an organization. He will also be able to adapt better to the constantly changing business environment. He will be able to communicate better and also be flexible to accommodate projects to the timescale and budget. Although, there are no basic requirements for these exams one can appear for the Practitioner exam only after clearing the Foundation exam.

3. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) by Scrum Alliance :

CSM is a Scrum certification that is recognized worldwide. This can help you learn the Scrum framework thoroughly and how to apply its principles in the real world. In an organization, a Scrum Master is a member who creates a productive environment and helps others understand the Scrum principles effectively. The popularity of this course can be gauged from the fact that almost 1 million plus CSM certifications have been issued by the Scrum Alliance. This course is ideal for program managers, data scientists, HR representatives project managers, IT managers, quality assurance staff, and Scrum team members. In this course, one can learn about the Scrum framework and other aspects like team accountabilities and artifacts. After this course, a Scrum master will also be able to assess any roadblocks that are hindering the progress of the project.

4. Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO by Scrum Alliance :

It is a globally recognized Scrum certification in the field of product development and ownership. In the world of product development product owner is a highly emerging job. It is the job of a product owner to decide what valuable product will the team be creating next. This course will not only teach you new ways to learn about your customers to bring value to them but also teach you how to manage several exceptions of different stakeholders at once. This certification can give you a deeper understanding of the business aspect of the project. A CSPO makes the vital decision about what product will be created and ensures that a valuable product reaches the customer. A Certified Scrum Product Owner becomes a part of the global community of Agile practitioners. This means that most companies are looking for certified product owners and a CSPO certification will help with that.

5. Professional Scrum Master or PSM from Scrum.Org :

This is also quite a popular course in Scrum in the field of Agile. It equips the individual with thorough knowledge of the Scrum framework and also its application in solving real-world complexities. The certificate is valued because it requires the candidate to demonstrate practical knowledge of the subject as well. There are three different levels of Professional Scrum Master –

  • Professional Scrum Master I :
    People who take this certification have a basic mastery of Scrum. PSM I holders can demonstrate that they have an understanding of Scrum and they can apply Scrum in Scrum teams.
  • Professional Scrum Master II :
    PSM II holds an advanced level of mastery in Scrum concepts. They have a deeper understanding of the underlying Scrum principles.
  • Professional Scrum Master III :
    This is the most advanced level of Scrum mastery. Individuals who have this level of PSM can use their knowledge extensively in various complex organizational situations.

Benefits of pursuing Agile Certificate courses :

Agile has become the backbone of operations in numerous global organizations. Having an Agile certification will put your multiple steps ahead of your competitors. There are some very clear benefits of pursuing courses in Agile Project management. As a certified Agile project manager, one can deliver consistent value to the stakeholders throughout the project, respond to changes with flexibility, and also be able to communicate with the team and the stakeholders with ease. A certified project manager will be able to manage the daily-stand ups better and since the roles are very clearly defined there is better control over resources like time, cost, and money. 

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