Asphalt Drive – How Much Does It Cost To Lay Asphalt?


When you think about the options available to you for creating or resurfacing a drive, cement is likely the first thing you consider. Why is that? It’s long-lasting, low-maintenance, and can enhance the curb appeal of your home. But asphalt could be a better choice, especially when you’re on a smaller budget. It’s more straightforward to install, and it’s 100% recyclable. It’s simple to fix and can last for a long time. When building or repainting an asphalt driveway can be more affordable than concrete 

There are a few things you must be aware of before beginning a new project. Let’s review these.

What does the cost of an Asphalt drive cost in Australia?

On average, the asphalt driveway prices per square meter are around $30-$35 in Australia. If your asphalting project is for residential use, you will need to invest between $25 and $45. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the project.


Factors that impact the cost of Asphalt driveways:

Each asphalting project is unique. For the best price for your dollars, you have to discover the perfect balance between value and price. 

These are the factors that are essential aspects in determining the cost of your driveway.


The size of the project:

What is the exact size of your driveway? What are its width and length? What is the local council’s requirement for the thickness of asphalt driveways? It is important to be aware of how to answer these queries, as they will determine the amount of asphalt you’ll require to complete your driveway project.

It is important to know that the price of asphalt may actually drop for driveways with larger dimensions. The asphalt mix is created for each asphalting job and there is a price for making the asphalt, which doesn’t change with the size of the driveway. 

Therefore, the more asphalt you need to complete your venture, the lower the cost per square meter.



Asphalt delivery is expensive. The price of asphalt delivery may increase or decrease based on the distance from the supplier of materials to your project. 

Also, using hot or warm asphalt mix can impact the price in addition to the distance of the location of your supplier.



A factor that is related to location is the accessibility of the project. Some asphalting companies won’t be charged higher for travel distances, while others charge more accessible. 

If the location of your project isn’t easily accessible, the contractor will face difficulties bringing the equipment they require. This may delay the asphalting process as well as any preparatory work that must be done, which can affect the price of an asphalt driveway.


The type of Asphalt that is utilized:

There are many asphalt varieties to pick from. This includes (but isn’t restricted to):

  • A warm Mix is a good option for pavers in colder climates as well as long-distance delivery
  • Hot-mix, Ideal to repair driveways and large surfaces
  • Cold Mix is ideal for fast, temporary repairs when the temperatures are too cold for hot asphalt pavers
  • Recycled is a cheaper option, but requires the subgrade to be gravel
  • Coloured cost a bit, but it adds visual appeal. It is used in bike and park trails

To ensure the best results, you should find out more about which asphalt mix is suitable for your particular location.


Does prep work need to be done?

If you already have a driveway that you want to use, it could need to have it removed and removed prior to installing an entirely new one. 

It is also possible to use the driveway you have already laid as the basis for the new driveway. If you decide to tear down the driveway you already have, it will cost you the excavation and getting rid of it.


More work needs to be completed:

You could also add other elements like a walkway or carport. Additionally, you can add an edging on the asphalt drive (e.g. the patterned border or cobblestone edging light fixtures for your ground). But, remember that any extra work will mean that you’ll have to pay more.


Market forces:

The cost of your asphalt driveway could change due to other factors that are indirect, such as the price of gasoline (asphalt can be described as a semi-solid version of petroleum) as well as environmental laws and the global economy.



The cost of asphalt driveways per square meter can differ across Australia. Here are the most common costs for different areas of the country.


State Cost per square meters
New South Wales $45
Queensland $40
South Australia $30
Northern Territory $30 to $40
Western Australia $25
Victoria $40


Final words:

We trust this article on “How Much Does It Fetched To Lay Asphalt?” was helpful.


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