Apple Watch Battery Replacement That’s Not Working

Apple Watch Battery Replacement

Although Apple Watches are often dependable devices, they are occasionally prone to faults and simply stop working. Be at ease, though! We have helpful tips and solutions to fix your Apple Watch, whether it has frozen, won’t charge, is losing battery life too quickly and you need to go for an Apple Watch Battery Replacement, has water damage, or even has a damaged screen.

1. Apple Watch is unresponsive or bricked.

It’s normal to be concerned if your Apple Watch isn’t responding at all or in any significant way. There are many possible causes for this issue, so we’ll start by eliminating (or, better yet, accepting) some of the more straightforward ones.

Easy recovery techniques to try

There are a few straightforward solutions to try first if your Apple Watch has frozen or is simply unresponsive. Because we’ve arranged these in order of easiest to hardest, try them in that order. Sorry if any of the initial steps come out as patronizing, but it’s best to start by eliminating everything wrong.

Has the battery in your Apple Watch run out?

You need to charge it up if the screen constantly displays a red lightning bolt icon or if it does so when you push the side button. Place it on the charging pad, wait around 30 minutes, and then check to see whether the situation has changed. The watch should display a green lightning bolt icon to show that it is charging. If it isn’t, or if after 30 minutes the watch hasn’t changed, then it means your Apple Watch stopped working!

Is the power-saving mode active on your Apple Watch?

Power Reserve mode can be activated at any moment to conserve battery life (swipe up to reveal the choices menu, tap the battery percentage figure in the upper left, then press Power Reserve, and then confirm). However, it severely reduces the functionality and responsiveness of your Apple Watch.

The only thing an Apple Watch will typically show when it is in Power Reserve is the time, shown in an ultra-slim font, and it will only do this when asked to, rather than every time you move your wrist. If you simultaneously press the side button and Digital Crown when in Power Reserve, the time will be shown.

Press and hold the side button for approximately 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo to turn Power Reserve off. It might take some time. Once it restarts, you’ll need to enter your passcode once more.

Press and hold the side button for approximately 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo to turn Power Reserve off. It might take some time. Once it restarts, you’ll need to enter your passcode once more.

Your Apple Watch should be reset. Like many other technological products, an Apple Watch may frequently be fixed by simply turning it off and back on again. Press and hold the side button of your Apple Watch until the Power Off slider appears, then swipe as instructed to switch it off. Hold off until the watch completely shuts off. Press and hold the side button once more until you see the Apple logo to restart it.

Force-restart your Apple Watch.

Since this is a pretty harsh move, Apple advises against trying it while updating watchOS. If you insist on forcing a restart, press and hold the side button and Digital Crown of the Apple Watch until you see the Apple logo, and then release both buttons. It should take around ten seconds.

2. Battery issues with the Apple Watch

Many new owners of the first-generation Apple Watch had trouble with the battery life, finding that their devices were dying before the end of a single day of use. Many of these customers, however, discovered that things much improved once the novelty of the device wore off and they stopped using it as ferociously. They also discovered which settings and functionalities are the largest energy drainers and should be turned off until necessary.

Of course, your watch might be broken; if you’ve done everything and it hasn’t worked, it’s worth contacting Apple to see if you need an Apple Watch battery replacement.

If your Apple Watch won’t switch on, don’t get upset; there are a number of possible causes, and most of them are simple to resolve. An Apple Watch won’t turn on frequently due to a low battery, so before blaming the Watch itself, try an alternative charging cord and charger. A variety of settings can make an Apple Watch appear to be frozen or dead when in fact the Watch is performing its intended function.


The majority of the causes of an Apple Watch screen that won’t turn on have straightforward fixes. Some of the most frequent causes of an Apple Watch not turning on are given here, along with solutions. In the event that none of these solutions work, you most likely have a hardware problem that you can’t resolve on your own but which may be covered by your warranty.

Don’t throw your Apple Watch away even if none of these fixes succeed in turning it on again. Bring it to the Apple Store so that a technician can look it over and may suggest you togo for an Apple Watch battery replacement.

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