What are Same Day Crowns?

This ground-breaking technology, also known as CEREC, uses computer-aided design and manufacture to provide same-day dental restorations. Traditional crowns and Same Day Crowns durham nc are identical; the only difference is how long the process takes.

Unlike same-day crown restoration, which may be completed in about two hours, conventional dental crowns often require two weeks to complete.

Same-Day Crowns Process

Step 1: Preparing the Tooth for the Crown

Making the tooth ready for the crown is the first step in the operation. The dentist will trim down the tooth and remove any decaying areas to ensure that your crown fits snugly.

Same-day crowns don’t need as much of your natural tooth filed down as traditional crowns, which involve removing roughly 70% of the tooth.

Step 2: Taking a Digital Impression of Your Tooth

Our dentist will need to take digital impressions of your tooth once it has been properly prepped. The dentist will take precise, three-dimensional photos of your tooth using an intraoral camera that is made to fit inside your mouth.

Step 3: Designing and Creating a Model of the Crown

After the digital impression is finished, the CEREC system that creates the crown receives digital measurements of your tooth electronically. The milling machine produces the dental crown after designing it from sturdy porcelain material.

The process of making same-day crowns takes roughly 15 minutes. Your natural teeth’s hue is replicated in the crown’s model.

Step 4: Adjusting the Crown

You won’t need to make many alterations to the fit of your new crown because of the accuracy of this computer-aided system. The colouring of your crown is one of the minor modifications.

In order for you to see if it matches your other teeth, the dentist will temporarily bond the crown to your tooth.

Step 5: Bonding

If the fit and aesthetics are acceptable to you and your dentist, the crown will be permanently affixed to your tooth. You will then receive instructions from the dentist on how to take care of your Same Day Crowns durham nc and teeth.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • Save on Time

With conventional crowns, your dentist must determine the extent of the damage to your tooth, properly fit you for a new crown, and provide you with a stopgap solution. The procedure might be uncomfortable and drawn out.

You may save the inconvenience of acquiring impressions and interim fixes with same-day crowns. In less than two hours, you’ll enter the dental office with broken or damaged teeth and leave with a crown.

  • Made of High-Quality Materials

Same Day Crowns durham nc are not band-aids. They are designed to be crowns you’ll wear for a lifetime. They wouldn’t be a respectable substitute for conventional crowns if they weren’t.

They are composed of sturdy, high-quality ceramic. By using ceramic, you can prevent the metal from entering your mouth. It won’t irritate your gums or the neighbouring teeth because it shares the same characteristics as naturally produced tooth enamel.

  • Get an Exact Fit

The precision CEREC machine that creates and carves out crowns ensures that your crown fits correctly. The appropriate crown is made for you by taking into account your biting pattern and other teeth’s colour.

If it doesn’t fit perfectly the first time, our cutting-edge technology makes it simple to adjust for a comfortable fit right then and there.

  • Avoid the Dental Putty

To create impressions for conventional crowns, use dental putty. However, they test horribly, making you want to vomit. You no longer need to bother with dental putty thanks to dental crowns chapel hill nc. In its place, impressions are obtained through digital mapping. In addition to being quick and precise, it also enables you to comfortably repair your damaged teeth.

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