7 Things To Consider While Buying Raw Meat In Cambridge

raw meat

To get a fully clean, flavorful, and healthy diet, you need to choose your food carefully, especially in the case of raw meat. Eating meat is healthy but randomly buying meat from any place is not a good idea. If you consider the following points while buying raw meat, you can get better quality: 

  1. Color of the meat: The color of the meat indicates a lot about its quality. The right color always depends on the type of meat you’re looking for. If you’re buying red meat, it should be dark colored, which can vary between red and brown. Brown color means the meat has been exposed to oxygen. The goat meat should have a red to brown color. On the other hand, pork meat is considered great when it has a light blushing pink color.  
  2. Check smell: Many people do not like the smell of raw meat. They often get confused about whether the meat is spoiled. But the smell is a great way to determine the freshness of meat. If you feel a pungent smell, stay away from that. 
  3. Meat surface: When you look carefully at the meat surface, you will notice fibers. These fibers will tell you whether the meat is tender or tough. Meat surface becomes more important when you buy big-sized meats like beef and goat leg meat in Cambridge
  4. Fat of the meat: Meat with fat is generally juicer and tender. When this streak of fat is distributed throughout the meat’s muscle, it is called marbling. Finer marbling leads to tastier meat. show
  5. Go for clean cuts: The size of the meat also tells you a lot about its quality. You can easily spot high-quality meat with smooth cuts and uniform size. So, you should always look to buy well-butchered meat. 
  6. Check the use-by-date: It is important to check the dates while buying. The use-by-date is the best way to know how close the meat is to be spoiled. You should always eat the meat before or on the use-by date. It becomes risky from your health perspective to consume meat after the use-by-date. 
  7. Packaging: Always try to get packaging that doesn’t consist of damage and dirt. It may not influence the meat quality directly, but it can give you a hint of how the meat was handled. Also, the meat may come in contact with contaminants due to dirt and damage. 


It is important to ensure the quality of meat to remain healthy. It will be better to buy from recognized meat providers like Malwa Meats in Cambridge

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