6 Type Of Inbound Marketing Content To Establish Your Brand


If you intend to do inbound marketing, you must research everything about it. How it works, and how can you use it for your brand? Everybody knows content is the king and the fuel that will power you on this journey. 

You have to spend a good time mapping out the content ideas that you can use to market your brand. But if you don’t know what inbound marketing content you could use, continue reading the post.

There are different types of content that you can create that will work in inbound marketing. It depends on the platform you are using for the content and the audience that you are aiming for. 

Here, you can find different types of content to help you with inbound marketing and sales. 


This content type is becoming one of the favorites of the creators. Particularly videos are used for sales. It is great because you can use it all across your inbound marketing and sales. If you want to create a demonstration for your product, an explainer video, or posting videos on social media, this is the ideal type to create more personalized content and put yourself in front of the prospect. 

Another reason why video is recommended is that it works. The marketers who use video in their marketing create over half more qualified leads than the others. 


It is the key part of the inbound marketing tool kit. Blogs have reportedly taken a back seat in recent times because everyone rushes to try new types of content. But in reality, well-written, entertaining, and informative articles are as popular and effective as before.

Make sure the blog content you are producing focuses on solving problems and offering information rather than only trying to sell. Blogs that answer the questions of your prospect drive more traffic to the site and turn the brand into a go-to resource for prospects and customers. 

Wikipedia Page 

A Wikipedia page can also work for you. Although you can’t promote your brand directly on the platform, informing your audience about your brand is important and Wikipedia is best for it. You can draw the timeline of your business, list your products and services, and the important recognition that you achieve as a brand. 

This will help you to build trust among the prospect. You can hire a Wikipedia page editor to create a page for you. A Wikipedia page editor can help you better with this type of marketing. 

Pillar Pages And Topic Clusters

Pillar pages and topic clusters are becoming a central part of most content strategies in the last couple of years. A pillar page is the base of a topic cluster strategy. It is a page that covers every aspect of any particular topic. They are not as in-depth on a topic as a typical blog or article, but they are helpful enough to answer the questions at a high level. 

It also opens up the opportunity of creating another article that expands on the answer on the pillar page. You can create a series of topic cluster articles that are in longer form and have deep-diving information about the subject. You can have all of these individual articles link back to the main pillar page and vice versa. 

This is how you can draw the attention of Google to the fact that your main pillar page is an authoritative source of the information, and it will rank higher on the search engine.  

eBooks Or Guides 

You can also create downloadable content because it can be valuable for your customers. You can go for guides or eBooks. You can write guides on problems and the solution you are providing to their problems. 

The guides or eBooks don’t have to be about sales. However, a detailed product guide can be beneficial if they are helping in the decision-making stage. Just be sure and ask yourself that one key question – Is this guide valuable to your audience, or you are just creating a piece of lead information?  

Social Media 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are using social media because everyone is interested in what you have to say – they are not. People don’t like an individual who crashes a party and spends the whole time talking about themselves. And no one follows on social media someone who does the same thing as others. 

You should use social media to promote your brand, there is no doubt about it, but with the content, you are producing for your profile, you have to add value to other people. And also, the essential value of these platforms is that you can even have one-to-one conversations with people. That allows you to connect with your customers and know more about them. 

Have conversations with people, engage with them, hear their problems, and provide solutions.  

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