5 Places To Visit In Bulgaria – Travel Guide


Bulgaria is one of the most underappreciated and underexplored parts of Europe. The country is filled with rich history and culture and consists of some of the most breathtaking and magnificent natural areas for a traveler to visit. The country also is home to some of the most magnificent and beautiful cities in Europe, which many people are yet to visit.

The country is a mixture of various cultures due to a lot of immigration throughout the centuries. Apart from that, the country has different ethnic groups, along with different religious sects, which include Christians, Muslims, and many more sub-cultures. This makes Bulgaria one of the most diverse countries in Europe. This diversity, of course, contributes to the cuisines and culture of the country.

Why Should Bulgaria Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Whether you want to travel or migrate to Bulgaria, it has a lot in place for you. However, if you are considering migrating to Bulgaria, you need to contact the best immigration lawyers’ firm near you to ensure that you receive your passport quickly and do not face any legal issues after you shift to the new place.

Nevertheless, back to the article’s main discussion. Bulgaria must be your next travel destination if you are hoping to try something new. It is basically a hidden gem. If you are absolutely new to the place, the destinations, the culture, the cuisine, and the people will be really surprising for you. You will instantly love this wonderful country, and the country will have a different place within your heart.

In Bulgaria, in terms of culture, you will see a mixture of west-European, East-European, West-Asian, And Southern-European subcultures. You can find influences from both the east and the west. Historically, many civilizations thrived in the area which include Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Thracians, and others.

What Are The Must Visit Places In Bulgaria?

Knowing the best places to travel in Bulgaria can be a little tough for you since the country is not one of the most well-loved tourist destinations in the world. However, we got you covered in this article. Not much, we will just give you five places that are a must-visit in Bulgaria. Others you can find out with your tourist guide. Yet, make sure that your travel package consists of the five major tourist destinations in Bulgaria, as given below:

1. The Belogradchik Rocks And The Fortress

One of the most popular destinations among the local people, Belogradchik town has a lot of naturally created rocks, which make the scene beautiful and soothing for a new traveler. Apart from that, there is a man-made fortress that is made by breaking most of the rocks.

If you are both a lover of nature as well as architecture, this is a great tourist spot for you to see. Along with the Tsarevets fortress, the Belogradchik fortress is also one of the architectural wonders of Bulgaria. On the fortress, you will find many legends and tales carved, which tell the story of Bulgaria back in medieval times.

2. Shiroka Lake And The Adjacent Village

One of the most serene and architecturally developed villages, the Shiroka village lies adjacent to the lack of the same name. The beautiful houses are colored black and white, while the roofs in those houses are made of stone.

If you visit the village in March, you can also get a glimpse of the local Kukeri dance that tells the story of the local myth. Apart from that, you can also hear folk people singing Bulgarian melodies at the annual festival in the village.

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3. Nessebar Seaside

One of the ancient cities present in Bulgaria, the mention of Nessebar can be traced back to the times of the Thracians. Later, it came under the administration of Greek, later to be captured by the Romans, followed by the Turks. You can also look through the ancient remains and ruins in various places around the city.

Although the place has earned the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site, many people still do not even know about the place, let alone visit it. Lying on the shores of the Black Sea, Nessebar is a great place for lovers of beaches, history, and food. In addition, you can find some really great local cuisine here.

4. Plovdiv’s Old Town

This is one of the most famous places in Bulgaria and earned the status of one of the cultural capitals of Europe a few years back. For hundreds of years, Plovdiv underwent a lot of changes in terms of architecture and culture, which you can see and understand with your own eyes. Do not forget to visit the Old Town Area.

In addition to ancient structures, you will also find many modern structures around the city. The best time to visit this place is in the summer, and you can enjoy the cuisine and local drink with the local people during the evening. 

5. Sofia

How can we neglect the capital city? Not just in Bulgaria, it is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with all due regard to Prague, Paris, Athens, London, etc. Furthermore, there are a lot of magnificent cathedrals and churches that make the city breathtaking.

Apart from that, do not miss out on the famous national Theatre, where you will see some of the best actors performing on stage. Additionally, Roman structures and ruins are spread around the city. Moreover, you will find some of the best street food and restaurants near Vitosha Boulevard.

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Bulgaria can be one of your most memorable travels since it is still an unexplored gem. You just have to make sure that you take the services of the best tourist guide near you. Make sure that the tour package that you buy has at least those five must-see destinations.

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