15 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Gift


Cash is almost certainly what the people in your life desire—but handing someone a plain, old $10 bill can feel bland or careless. But it does not have to be that way. We have covered the majority of inventive ways to give someone money in the list below, so your problem is solved. Furthermore, many of these would work with a gift card as well. Continue reading for the funniest, cutest, and most unique ways to give someone money.

15 Creative Ways of Improving Your Gift

Here are 15 creative and amazing ways by which you can improve your presents:

Tissue Box

Grab a tissue box for some lighthearted fun and the perfect DIY project. Fill your box with bills, leaving one bill protruding from the top like a tissue. Then add a sign that says, “Don’t blow it all in one place!” If you are extensively searching for online gifts for her, order this Tissue Box right now.

Balloon Pop

Your lucky recipient will be overjoyed. First, fill nine small balloons with air. Then, inside the tenth balloon, place money rolls. Put the balloons in a closed cardboard box and write on the top, “You’re so poppin’, you deserve a treat.” All you have to do now is find it!” Then give them a needle or a pin.


Give your favorite writer the ultimate source of inspiration—money. Stick the ends of your bills together with glue to form a neat stack. Use crisp, new bills with few wrinkles for the best effect. You’ve made a notepad out of money.

Bottle Set

Even if it isn’t actually soda, it will be sweet and refreshing. Place six dry and empty glass bottles inside a carrier. Fill each bottle with something enjoyable—candy, confetti, and, yes, money. Order this Bottle Set now and prove it to be a perfect combo gift pack for boyfriend.

Pizza Box

Money is probably the only thing your favorite foodie loves more than food. First, find and empty a pizza box. Spread your dollar bills in a circle around the box to resemble a large pizza.

  • Add a cheeky message to the top inside of the box: “Oh no, the pizza isn’t finished!” It’s only the money.”
  • Spread quarters around your pie as “pepperonis” for added effect.

Raining Money

Make it rain for your special someone. Locate an umbrella, string, and a set of clothespins. Tie strings that hang down along the metal rods inside the umbrella. Then, at the opposite ends of the strings, attach clothespins (or even paper clips). Then, staple them to your bills.

Pez Dispenser

Change candy for cash inside this iconic packaging. Give a Pez dispenser to your recipient. Place rolled-up bills inside the dispenser’s neck. If you think that your friend will love this Pez Dispenser, then order gifts online like this Pez Dispenser now.

Money Tree

Nothing beats a money tree for gardening enthusiasts (yes, really). Fill a planter with dirt, styrofoam, or any other material strong enough to hold a thin stake. Put the stake in the center and a small styrofoam ball on top of it. Roll the bills up and tape them to the ball until it is completely covered.

Jolly Jar

Inform your friend that they made your nice list this year. Locate a large glass jar. Decorate the outside of the house with Christmas decorations such as ribbons, bows, and stickers. Fill your jar with jolly ranchers (and money!) on the inside.

  • Write a cute message on the lid: “Maria’s Jolly Jar.”

Egg Hunt

Make your holiday hunt more than just candy. Hide eggs throughout your yard. Fill the eggs with your monetary donation. Not only will the recipient appreciate your gift, but they will also enjoy hunting around the yard. Take advantage of our online cake delivery services, and order this Egg Hunt right now.

Box of Chocolates

V-day chocolates are traditional, but V-day cash is cutting-edge. Take your plus various chocolate boxes. Remove the candy from their paper wrappers next. Keep the wrappers where they belong. Fold your bills into various shapes to fit inside the wrappers.

  • Roll the bills, place them vertically, fold them into squares, whatever works for you. Ribbon or string may be required to keep them in place.

Stache Jar

Every newlywed couple requires a ridiculous, sweet money “stash.” All you need is a jar, some stickers, and your imagination. Put in your favorite candies, ribbons, and love-related items, such as candy hearts or romantic quotes. Place the money inside. Write “Secret Stache” over your jar.

  • You now require a stache. You have several viable options. For one thing, you could get a mustache sticker.
  • Alternatively, tape on a mustache photo or drawing. Make your own fake mustache out of pipe string or cleaners.

Break the Glass

Give a gift that is only for “emergency” use for added drama and fun. Take out a picture frame made of glass. Cut a piece of paper to fit inside your frame. Then, tape the bills flat onto the paper and add a funny birthday caption, such as “In case of 25th birthday, break.”

Hollowed Out Book

A book with hidden compartments will appeal to the intellectual in your life. Hollow out your favorite book to give to a recent graduate. Put your monetary gift inside. Make a joke while you give your gift: “I really wanted to make sure you don’t slack now that you’re done with school…”

Graduation Caps

Congratulations to a recent graduate. Arrange your bills atop your graduation cap so that the money covers the entire top area. Tape them to the wall.

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