11 Tips adapt to perform better in Secondary School in Dubai

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Teens these days face many challenges to concentrate on their studies and get easily distracted by many social media platforms and whatsapp notifications while planning to study. They end up checking feeds for hours and stray from the original plan of studying their lessons.. However, proper discipline, good habits and passion for achieving study goals can help them to overcome these issues. In this article, we have mentioned timeless tips and good study habits for students of Secondary school in Dubai to help them stay on track and achieve their study goals.

Good habits for students to perform better in international secondary schools in Dubai

Take a Break From Social Media Strictly switch off your phone or turn off the notifications while studying. You can even go to settings and permanently turn off unnecessary notifications of apps that distract you. When you don’t get notifications you will not feel the urge to check your phone or any app. Remember Social media is a virtual world that is not important in real life, so you won’t miss anything even if you didn’t check or didn’t use it. Your loved ones and real offline friends will stay with you and will be there for you when you need them.

Find a Peaceful Spot to Study

Make sure to make your study environment distraction-free and study-friendly with proper ventilation, lighting etc. Ask your parents not to disturb you during these set hours. All these little things will help you to focus more. If you can’t find a place in your home, you can visit the nearest library or go to a coffee shop or a park nearby to enjoy some fresh air or to have a change in the environment.
  • Make sure you study in a place neither too hot nor too cold as it will affect your concentration.
  • Do not use the bed to study as it is too comfortable and you could end up taking a nap.
  • Make sure that your study area is not uncomfortable either. Sit in a comfortable chair.
  • Do not keep clocks in your study area as you will keep on checking them unnecessarily to see if your study hours are finished.

Be Engaged in the Classroom

The attention span of any individual is less and it wanders quickly, so in order to avoid it. One needs to keep themselves engaged to absorb the material being taught. So International School Dubai students can keep themselves engaged by following things mentioned below:-
  • Preparing notes.
  • Listening to discussions or lectures, clarifying doubts.
  • Creating a picture representation as it helps to reinforce the concept in your mind
  • Use Colorful Highlighters to emphasize key points from your lectures and books.
  • Make Use of Time Wisely to review notes.

Create a Planner/Calendar 

Creating a planner or calendar will help you to stay on track, you will stay aware of all the things you have to do or pending and upcoming deadlines, secondary school Dubai assignments and projects dates. Keep this on your study table or stick it on the walls of the study table where you can see it daily. Make sure you do your homework regularly without delay as the concepts are fresh in your mind and memorizing concepts through repetition during homework will reinforce them in your mind. All these things will help you to stay organized.

Create a Routine of Good habits

Discipline and good habits will help you in achieving the goals where motivation fails. Creating a routine of good habits such as sleeping early, waking up early and carrying out regular exercise, meditation and early study routine is best and you get enough time to do the rest of the things. Have daily and weekly objectives in place and accomplish them systematically by breaking them down into chunks and creating a routine. Write down everything you did and how you spent your day to keep track of your habits and time so that you can improve it accordingly.

Do Not Procrastinate

It is easy to procrastinate after a long tiring day, but take a break and refresh yourself to complete your daily task or routine. Refresh yourself with your favorite thing such as coffee, take a bath to feel refreshed and rejuvenated and create strong habits through routine repetition. And do not think too much, the more you think about how hard or unenjoyable a task is, you will push it further, so do it without thinking too much. Just do it by counting 1-2-3 and go! This technique is good to alert your mind to switch the mood and get ready. You can also do the hardest task in the morning itself which will bring satisfaction so that you have no time to stress and have enough to do the easiest thing later in the evening or night.

Do Group Study

Join a group of International school Dubai students to study together as it has a lot of benefits such as
  • You get to know unique insights
  • Understand concepts that you were having trouble with
  • Learn techniques to study
  • Talent sharing
  • Comparing notes
  • More bonding with friends
  • Making connections with smart people

Take Breaks

Taking frequent breaks is best in the middle of studying hours as it refreshes the mood and improves concentration power. Sitting for long hours at stretch affects your concentration and it is not advisable as it affects your body (blood circulation, body and backaches). Get up, take a walk, have a cup of tea, do stretching exercises etc.

Think Positive

Secondary school Dubai students must remember that negative thoughts and feelings of inferiority come up at times but they need to make sure to switch those thoughts to positive ones and keep motivating themselves. When you affirm positives things such as “I am doing good”, “I am improving in this subject”, “I have completed my task” and “I am achieving my goals” etc, it will help you to instill positive things in your subconscious mind and you will start behaving in that way, helping you to improve your performance. So switch your negative thoughts quickly to positive affirmations and repeat them every day.

Learning Style

Students must never compare themselves with others, as everyone is unique and has different learning styles so if you copy others’ learning style which does not match yours, then you will end up lowering your grades and poor performance. So make sure to choose what suits you and your learning style. Figure out what style best works for you and continue with it
  • Visual Learners are the ones who prefer pictures and diagrams to memorize important facts and concepts.
  • Auditory Learners are the ones who learn more from listening to audio
  • Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners are the ones who have the need to manipulate or touch material to retain information.

Evaluate Yourself

This is most important as it gives you an idea of overall things. At the end of the day ask various questions to reflect the way you are studying. What have I learned today? Do the methods used suit my learning style? How many hours does it take me to complete my task? What are the things I have covered? How do I improve myself? By answering all queries to yourself, you will be able to change your strategies and improve and figure out the best learning styles. You can journal your day to day progress so that it helps you to track your growth and study goals.


Secondary School at International school Dubai is a crucial year to give your best and the above-mentioned strategies will definitely help you to step up your game and perform well in all areas. Let us know if we missed adding some strategies that can help other students so that we can cover them in our next article. Want more such study tips then do let us know in the comment section.

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