Your Office’s Cleaning Checklist for Summer

Commercial Office Cleaning

The summer months bring with them longer days, Christmas parties and vacation planning. But for office managers and employers, it’s also the perfect time to book a deep clean of the office and tackle all the areas neglected over the year. If you’re thinking of hiring a commercial office cleaning service over the Christmas break, here are some of the areas to focus on:

Summer Cleaning Checklist:

1. Disinfection and sanitisation:

First and foremost, ask your commercial cleaning service to continue disinfecting and sanitising high-touchpoint areas. These include:

  • doorknobs
  • keyboards and other hardware
  • cabinet handles
  • kitchen counters and taps
  • phones, computers, printers and other electronics
  • handrails
  • elevator buttons
  • toilets

Even if no one is at the office during the Christmas shutdown period, pick a day when your commercial cleaners can come in and disinfect the place before you welcome your employees back in the new year.

2. Maintenance tasks:

Now’s the perfect time to catch up on all the maintenance tasks that may have piled up over the year. These may include:

  • Giving your premises a fresh new paint job
  • Steam cleaning carpets
  • Repairing broken locks, stuck windows, electrical faults or broken chairs and desks
  • Servicing your air conditioner and making sure all filters are cleaned
  • A thorough cleaning of any electrical cabinets.
  • Replacing broken light fixtures and bulbs, and
  • Anything else that needs fixing.

3. Sort and discard:

Although this may not be a task that your commercial cleaners will do for you, it needs to be done to ensure your team can start the new year with a fresh start. Take some time before going on a break to sort through all the piles of paperwork, files and folders and discard anything that may no longer be useful. Clutter is the biggest deterrent to productivity, so by eliminating clutter from the surroundings, you’re ensuring your employees have the highest chances of being as productive as possible.

Also, be mindful of any food leftover in cupboards, the office fridge or the freezer. You don’t want to return to a stinky office because someone forgot their leftovers in the fridge for two weeks!

4. Clean windows:

If deep cleaning your windows has fallen off the wayside in recent months, now’s your chance to make sure they are sparkling clean before your employees and customers return after the break. Dirty, grimy windows are an eyesore and could even deter your customers from buying from you! Luckily, summer is the best time to clean your windows, as the hot summer sun will allow them to dry quickly. This will prevent water marks from appearing on your windows after the commercial cleaners clean them.

5. Cleaning or replacing carpets or upholstery

While most workplaces could book a carpet steam cleaner for this time of the year, many others may find a complete replacement necessary. This is the perfect time of year to complete both jobs, as the low footfall will make both tasks easier. If any upholstery looks grimy or has torn, now’s the chance to get them cleaned or reupholstered before traffic in your office or store increases again.

6. Deep clean kitchens and bathrooms

Take out the trash before you close up on your last day at work, and instruct your commercial cleaning service to conduct a deep cleaning of the kitchens and bathrooms while you are away. This will include removing leftover perishables, restocking with cleaning products and consumables like toilet paper and kitchen towels, cleaning dishwashers and coffee pots, and inside the refrigerator, microwaves and cabinets. For the bathrooms, this will include cleaning and disinfecting under toilet bowls and sinks, cleaning walls and mirrors, fixing any broken hand dryers or soap dispensers and emptying all rubbish.

7. Powerwash the exteriors

Don’t forget the exterior of your building! Now’s the time to powerwash driveways, the front of your office building and all doors and steps leading inside the building. If your building could do with a fresh coat of paint, this could be the right time to take care of this too. Sweep any leaves, branches or debris near the sidewalk. Inspect low-hanging branches to ensure none are at risk of breaking and falling, and repair any broken tiles, roofing or gutters before your facility reopens in the new year.

How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

Many commercial cleaning companies, in addition to offering cleaning services, also offer facility services. These include any maintenance and repairs that might be required, support services, repainting, fixing plumbing, and handyman services, and may also hold contracts with waste management companies. By enlisting the help of a service that offers it all, you don’t have to enter several different contracts with different companies and can simply hire one company to keep your facility looking clean, hygienic and presentable at all times.

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