Triund trek


Triund trek is probably one of the most popular treks to do on a weekend and get away from the busy life of your hustling bustling cities. It is an ideal destination on weekends for the people of Chandigarh and delhi. Triund trek is overall an easy trek and offers you the magnificent views of kangra valley and the snowy dhauladhar range. Triund trek has drawn the attention of many wanderlust over the previous years and keeps on improving its accessibility and connectivity. elevating you to the height of 2828 m, triund trek is well known for its serenity and scenic beauty and the panoramic view of dhauladhar range is indeed breathtaking. You can also visit chopta trek.


Overview About Trek:


one can start the trek from the separation of dharamkot and mcleodganj. within 9 to 10 km separating from mcleodganj, your trek starts. When trekking starts, witness the astonishing dhauladhar range on one side and kangra valley on the other side. and you will find beautiful trees while ascending to the top. 


Triund trek


Triund trek is for nature lovers and will delight your heart. The trek will lead you to the valleys full of flowers and meadows, forests of oak, rhododendron and pine. The himalayan villages in the backdrop of snow capped mountains are wonderful and such a picturesque location. It is a rare exotic paradise on earth for  wildlife lovers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. people stay in tents to get some unmatchable stunning views of sunrise and sunset, this is the major reason behind the popularity of this trek. 


it is a short duration trek and it is one of a kind because of its short duration to complete and is undoubtedly a perfect getaway on weekends. It is really easy to moderate for beginners and can give you a memorable experience. The triund trek has a gradually steep ascend but still can be covered easily in one day. If I can be more specific, it is easy to do in the initial stage of the trek and later get a little steep, but still it is overall easily accessible. 


The splendid vistas from the summit can definitely take your fatigue and exhaustion. The month from May to October is the most preferable time to do this trek. One can find all the blooming flowers, lush green meadows, tropical forests and the snow capped mountain range. you can find the most pleasant weather. Although the monsoon can be risky due to slippery paths, you should require a professional guide to help you as they are aware of the weather condition of the area and help you in easy directions. 



reach dharamshala or mcleodganj to continue your further trek to triund. it is easily doable and easily take away your stress and delight you heart with immense beauty of nature. you can get a tent for 300-500 according to demand rates can go high. so if you are not carrying tent, its not a big deal. you can even hire a place to fix your tent or you can stay at woodland rest house near the peak, reservations can be difficult to do. if you are not a fan of camping then you can stay at mcleodganj. 


there are many eateries in triund as there are many tea hops and dhabas, so you will not have a problem with food thing. though the food can ve expensive in such a place where one can pay price to get food or water. if you want to avoid expensive food, you can get your own packed food and water bottle. 


your trekking begins from gallu devi temple, the route to triund can be easily identified and well marked. your trial start from the breathtaking pine forest. during the trial, you will witness many tea huts and fellow trekkers. the mid point of the trek will give you a wonderful view of dauladhar like sitting on the lap of giant mountains. the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset is what attracts the people from all over the world


you will not find any networks in triund, and mcleodganj has not too good connectivity though trekking is going to a place wjere wifi is weak. switching to BSNL in himalyas is surely a good move as it has good networks. vusiting triund is worthy and you will definitely come again, the charm of this place and easy climb with ultimate view is truly miserable. the adventure and camping in this place with your loved ones will definitely make you fall in love. 


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