Top Locations to Experience the Amazing Jaisalmer

jaisalmer camping


Do you want to spend the night at a campsite under a starry night sky? You will undoubtedly enjoy Jaisalmer’s charm of camping, while taking in the stunning view of Jaisalmer’s sandy beaches!


Travelers from all around the globe flock to Jaisalmer Desert Camp between October and March. It is a memorable experience for travelers due to the desert sky’s magical atmosphere and the mild surface temperature.


In the middle of the Thar Desert is the royal state of Jaisalmer, also known as the Level Of Quality of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is a glowing image of pure alchemy, and the captivating grandeur of the desert at the heart of the softly golden sand. The Thar Desert is the most popular attraction in Jaisalmer. Many tourists visit this city to witness it. There are many places to stay in the desert these days.


If you are interested in learning more about Jaisalmer camping, here are our top recommendations!


Jaisalmer is best for camping in summer.

Avoid camping at Jaisalmer in the spring or autumn. Rajasthan is considered a desert state and should not be seen when it is shining brightly. It is because of the uncontrollable high temperatures at this time of the year. Jaisalmer has temperatures that hover around 49 degrees Celsius in the summer.


Season of Winter

With the summer season over and the windy days beginning, the winter season is the best time to stay in luxury tents in Jaisalmer. Winter brings relief from the heat and the harsh rays of summer.


1. Chokhi Dhani — The Ethnic Village & Resort

Dhani Dhani is the ideal camp for those who want to live the Rajputana lifestyle. You can choose to stay at one of the standard detention centers, or in one of the deluxe camps depending on your preference.

You can take part in thrilling desert safaris during daytime, but the cultural performances and folk dances that are held at night will keep you entertained. If you are looking for solitude, just sit down by the fire and gaze up at the stars.


2. Camp Joggan Jaisalmer

Are you looking for unique camping locations in the Desert? Joggan Jaisalmer Camp is a great choice for individuals. You can arrange a special experience for yourself or your loved ones at the campground. Quad biking, camel safaris and dune mouthing are just a few of the many adventure options available. As a place to rest, you can reserve one the luxurious tents with private verandas and soaking pools. This campground is an excellent choice for business trips and group stays due to its large accommodation capacity.


3. Mama’s Camp and Resort

The Mama’s Resort & Camp is another amazing camp in Jaisalmer. It offers a memorable experience and makes for a great stay. The camp is located in the Desert National Park. It was created to preserve the Thar Desert ecosystem. This camp offers luxury tents, desert safaris and cultural performances. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the dunes from the camp. These luxury tents have peaceful protest verandas connected to them. In the evenings, fire torches and lanterns light these verandas to create a warm atmosphere.


4. Safari Nights is the resort

You want to live in the desert like a nomad with an amazing company? Safari Nights Resort is the place to find it.

Tourists looking for unique residing experiences in desert environments will love Safari Nights Resort.

Each traveler will find the accommodations that best suit his or her needs at this campground. If you are looking for historical or beautiful scenery, this campground can arrange for it.


5. Desert Camp at Damodra

You would prefer to stay in a fully furnished Swiss chalet while you experience Jaisalmer Desert camp. Damodra Desert Camp is the ideal place!


This campground is an excellent choice for vacationers who are looking to have a more intimate experience but don’t want to sacrifice modern conveniences. The camp offers a chance to enjoy Rajasthani music and culture, including folk music and dance as well as delicious food and camel rides. A hookah lounge is available for guests to enjoy a range of board and card games with their family members.

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