5 Paraiba Tourmaline Jewelry Gift Options For Your Loved Ones

Paraiba Tourmaline Jewelry Gift Options For Your Loved Ones

Traditionally mined in Brazil, paraiba tourmaline is Copper-bearing Elbaite and it is usually found in shades of bluish-green and blue colors. More than its appealing colors, it has the clarity that makes it a standout in the segment. The value of a gemstone is defined by two significant factors: purity and quality. Paraiba tourmaline is hard to replicate in a lab. Hence the natural appearance of this gemstone is fresh and appealing at the same time.


What Makes Paraiba Tourmaline Jewelry Exceptional?

The paraiba tourmaline is an exquisite stone that comes in a mesmerizing, sparkling blue color. One of its most unique characteristics is “Double Reflection,” which makes it even more desirable among jewelry fanatics. The bluish-green color spectrum of this soothing gemstone has a profound appeal which is a beautiful attribute and is rare to find.


5 Paraiba Tourmaline Jewelry Ideas For your loved ones 

Paraiba tourmaline is considered one of the most-prized stones, making it a well-suited pick for your jewelry collection. In this write-up, we have listed a few dazzling paraiba tourmaline jewelry gift ideas to please your loved ones and leave a lasting smile on their faces.


1. Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring for you loved ones


Gemstone jewelry is a woman’s favorite accessory, something that instantly uplifts her mood. A natural paraiba tourmaline stone is beautifully cut to the highest standards, making it a unique choice for a ring. The intoxicating bluish-green gemstone sets you to stand out among the rest. And, of course, rings not only hold a monetary value but are also well-admired for their sentimental value, something to cherish forever. A paraiba tourmaline ring can be the most exceptional gifting idea for your beloved or for a special friend to sweep them off their feet.


2. Paraiba Tourmaline Necklace Or A Pendant


paraiba tourmaline pendant for her


The paraiba tourmaline comes in an attractive shade of soothing green and dominant blue, making it look vibrant. So, imagine your loved one with a stunning paraiba tourmaline necklace wrapped around her neck. This unique gemstone is a jeweler’s friend because of its average hardness and color, which goes perfectly well with all metals. You can either go for a simple, minimal-designed pendant or a handcrafted stone necklace to surprise your loved ones.


3. Paraiba Tourmaline Earrings


paraiba tourmaline earrings for her


A paraiba tourmaline diamond earring can be an excellent gifting choice for special occasions. You can either pick stud earrings or long, hanging ones based on the preference of your loved one. It is a mindful decision to add paraiba tourmaline to her jewelry collection.


4. Paraiba Tourmaline Bracelet



beautiful paraiba tourmaline bracelet for her


Well, agree or not, there’s nothing more creative gift option for a man than an exquisitely crafted paraiba tourmaline gemstone bracelet. Bracelets are known for their simplicity, timelessness and elegance. This is why you can pick a decent, stunning paraiba tourmaline bracelet to shower love and appreciation on your loved ones.


5. Paraiba Tourmaline Diamond Brooch


‘Best for the last,’ want to add an elegant spin to your loved one’s gemstone jewelry collection? Go for a finely-designed gold and diamond paraiba tourmaline brooch to elevate your style game. A quick tip, a brooch, can be a gift for both men & women and the paraiba tourmaline’s color goes perfectly well for both.


We hope that you loved our gifting ideas to surprise your loved ones. You can even browse web portals to grab great deals and acquire paraiba tourmalines that are for sale or at discounted prices. Pick any of the above-listed jewelry gift options for it will make a treasure forever.


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