Kolad Camping: All you need to know about Trek

Kolad camping


The beautiful state of Maharashtra is located on the western peninsula of India. In India, she is the third largest state and the second most populous state. Maharashtra is blessed with the breathtaking natural beauty of mountains, rivers, and coasts. To the west, it rises in the form of the majestic Sayedori Mountains, which run parallel to the shores of the enchanting Arabian Sea. The Ajanta and Satmara ranges run through the central part of the state, while the Satpura range covers the north. Her two rivers, Godavari and Krishna, add to their beauty by enriching the flora and fauna of this state.

Maharashtra has many famous hill stations and coastal towns with beautiful sea beaches. Some of the famous hill stations that attract tourists are Khandala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, etc. The coastal towns of Alibaug, Malvan, and Ganpatipur are also popular with tourists. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is famous for its three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The state is also known for its ancient forts and caves such as Mumbai’s Elephanta Caves, Aurangabad’s Ajanta Caves, and Ellora Caves. Kolad camping is best site for camping near Pune.

Kolad Camping

Location: Kolad, Maharashtra

Distance from Mumbai: 120 km

Distance from Pune: 120 km

About 110 kilometers from Mumbai, Korad is a small hamlet in the beautiful Raigad district of Maharashtra. Often called the Rishikesh of Maharashtra, this village has numerous scenic valleys that offer stunning views of the surrounding misty hills and dense evergreen forests. Lush greenery, clear streams, and an idyllic atmosphere add to the beauty of this picturesque village.

Corrado is a treasure trove of attractions, catering to all types of tourists. His one of the best attractions in the city of Korad is the Kundalika River, the whitewater rafting hub of the region. You can also visit the peaceful Tamhini Ghat and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding hills. Or, enjoy a fun and memorable picnic at the Veera Dam while admiring the beautiful Devkund Waterfall. Other famous attractions in Korad are the old Gosala Fort and Kuda Cave. You can also enjoy camping and birdwatching at the tranquil Starwadi Lake or soak up the history at Talgad Fort. Adventure sports enthusiasts can hike in Plath Valley or to Dev Kundhi Falls.

From water sports such as white water rafting and boating to adventure activities such as hiking, camping, nature walks, and trekking, Korad offers many exciting activities for travelers. Thanks to its convenient location, you can even go paragliding in Corrado on a sunny day.

Kolad has a typical tropical climate, with pleasant weather all year round. Summer here is a little wetter than in other seasons, but the monsoon is the perfect time to enjoy a rafting experience in Corrado. Flowers and plants flourish in the valley, bringing an overall sense of calm and tranquility, and adding vitality to the whole area.


  1. Security.
  2. Pillows & Blankets.
  3. Parking.
  4. Dome Tent Stay.
  5. Mineral Water 
  6. Washroom (Western).
  7. Pick up/ drop facilities (Paid).
  8. First Aid Kit


  1. 12km River Rafting
  2. Kayaking
  3. Zip-line
  4. River crossing
  5. Banana boat ride
  6. Bumper Boat Ride
  7. Bungee Jumping
  8. Team bonding games.
  9. Common Bonfire
  10. Music speaker and dance

What to bring

  1. Valid photo ID (Aadhar card/driver’s license)
  2. Comfortable shoes
  3. Water bottle (2 liters per person)
  4. Mosquito-repellent cream
  5. Extra clothing
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Waterproof bag
  9. Essential Flashlight and Spare Batteries
  10. Spare Blanket or (Chaddar)
  11. Electoral 1 Pack
  12. Medications (if Needed)
  13. Portable Mobile Charger
  14. Bluetooth Speaker is a Group Essential
  15. Towel
  16. Camera



  • Enjoy water sports

Corrado is an adventure seeker’s paradise. The Kundalika River has 14 kilometers of exhilarating rapids and offers about 2 hours of exhilarating rafting. Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri Mountains, this place is perfect for the adventurous. A variety of exciting water sports is available, including kayaking, ziplining, and river crossing. Filled with natural beauty, this activity is the perfect opportunity to let go of your worries.


  • Tamhini Ghat Waterfall

If you are looking for a quiet place and want to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, Tamhini Ghat Waterfall is the place for you. Tamhini Ghat is home to Korad’s most spectacular waterfalls. You can also hike and explore nature at Tamhini Ghat. Most people visit this place for hiking and sightseeing. You can also swim in the water and have an extraordinary experience.


  • Kolad Camping

Camping is one of Kolad’s biggest tourist attractions. People love quiet places, beautiful nature, stunning scenery, and mild climate. Camping at this place will help you reconnect with yourself. It gives you time away from the busy city life to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds you. The chirping of birds, the murmuring of the lake, and the wonderful flora and fauna are unforgettable.


Are you a travel lover and into adventure sports? You came to the right place because we have something for you. There is a prosperous village of Kolad. It is approximately 121 km from Mumbai and takes approximately 3.5 hours by car. It is an irresistible place for travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This unforgettable camping trip will help you reconnect with yourself. If you want to spend a few days in nature and enjoy a relaxing trip with different adventures, this is the place.

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