How to Increase Sales of Your Customized Boxes

customized boxes

Customization means you can add or remove anything from a standard box to get your customized boxes. Various brands are making their products look superior by having such packaging. These boxes are a great and inexpensive way to impress customers and leave a lasting impression on them. So, companies are spending money on their branding to promote their own identity. These days, customers pay attention to more personalized packaging solutions, leading to more word-of-mouth and better social sharing. Here are some ways by which you can increase the sales of your boxes.

1. Provide Ultimate Security with Customized Boxes

The first thing that a customer will notice about a box is its projection towards the inside product. A highly attractive box with low-level security will never put a good impression. So, to increase the sale of your customized boxes, keep protection your top concern. The protection of a box depends upon its material primarily.

Various materials are available in the market for creating a perfect packaging solution. You can choose Kraft, cardboard, or rigid material as per your choice. The selection of the materials depends upon the type of the product. Some products need more protection than others. For example, delicate jewelry needs more protection than toys. The boxes for jewelry need to be hard enough. So, rigid material is ideal. On the other hand, you can use paperboard material for the packaging of toys or other similar products. Most businesses use cardboard these days because it is easy to print on and provides ultimate protection.

2. Use Attractive Color Schemes

People think that anything that looks good must also be of good quality. So you can get the buyers’ attention by making your boxes more bright and colorful. A vibrant color scheme can easily catch the eye of the customers. Such packages are in high demand, which puts a long-lasting impression. Colors play an essential role in making anything more captivating. They are the best way to bring creativity. You can use them to make a wide range of patterns. Instead of dull color schemes, choose unique colors for your customized box packaging. Moreover, your color scheme must hint at the inside product. For example, for stationery, you can have bright colors. You can go for sober or plain color schemes for luxury items like diamonds. This uniformity will impress the customers. It will help more people to become interested in your brand.

3. Go for Unique Shapes and Styles

Circular, rectangular, oval, and square are all common shapes that move around the market. You can change the trend by using other shapes like hexagonal, pentagonal, and triangular boxes. These options make your packaging unique and attractive. Some materials are easier to mold in any shape, like cardboard. It is convenient to customize, so most brands think of it as the best choice. So, if you are looking for unique shapes, just go for them.

Other than shapes, the boxes come in various styles. You can make use of creative boxing ideas to boost sales. For example, you can use pillow style for packaging candies, chocolates, treats, and other goodies. These boxes look like pillows and are usually made smaller to show off the real style. Gable packaging is an ideal option to be used for confectioneries. The use of such customized bakery boxes will boost the sale of your business. Furthermore, you can also go for a box with lids. This style comes in two separate pieces. This style is ideal for luxury items like watches, perfumes, etc.

4. Use Finishing and Inserts

Color and shapes are used to catch the eye of the customer. But they are not enough. The finishing of the boxes matters a lot in increasing your brand sales. So, if you want the same feeling, you have to be creative with the finishing of your packaging. There are many things to choose from for external coatings. You can make it smooth and silky or matte or glossy. Other than this, many techniques like debossing, embossing or foil stamping are good for branding. You can use them for your customized boxes with logos.

Not just the outer layer, but the inside of a box, is also important for an attractive display. The inside box may include bubble wrap, inserts, tissue paper, branded tape, etc. These things increase the overall presentation of a product. Not just the look, they provide extra protection that makes the boxes more practical to use. Additionally, you can also add things like handwritten notes, stickers, or a small user guide. This addition in the inside of a box makes it more personal.

5. Provide a Convenient Experience

The boxes need to be practical in terms of usage and storage. A box’s attraction will fade if it is hard to open or not durable. To provide a user-friendly experience, you can add certain things to your box. For example, you can introduce handles. These handles are usually made of cardboard. They are either built into the box or attached to it. This addition makes the box easy to carry and gives it a unique look. Furthermore, you can make boxes with magnetic lids. They make the unboxing experience more memorable. Thus, the convenience of a box is a major factor in increasing its sale.

6. Using Die-cuts for Customized Boxes

Boxes with die-cuts or windows are frequently in use. They make the inside product visible and cause temptation among the customers to buy it. Most of these windows are made of clear plastic sheets. Since these windows are transparent, they let customers see what’s inside. This makes it easier for people to believe in the brand and the product. These go on the top of the box, but they can also add on the side. The shapes of these windows can be oval, rectangular, circular, square, triangular, etc. But you can go for other unique options. For example, you can have a box of beauty blenders with shapes of blender windows on the top. So, such creativity will amaze the customers and increase the sale of your product.


Packaging is the face of any brand in the marketplace. Rigid boxes help people understand who you are. There are many kinds of boxes that you can change to fit your brand. You can make any style you want in any shape to work best for your product. So, if you want to make your packaging unique and attractive, it will go a long way. Thus, it helps you in growing your business and get a high market share.

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