How To Hitting A Draw With A Simple Best Technique

hitting a draw

Hitting A Draw

Draws are highly sought-after shots in professional golf that most amateurs cannot hit, whether a powerful left or right draw off the tee or a simple draw into the green.

There is no difference in the basic design of a driver, wood, or iron when it comes to hitting a draw.

What is the definition of a draw?

The right-handed golfer hits a shot that bends smoothly from left to right as he hits the ball. Moreover, it is widely considered that draws are more attractive than fades because of their shape and covering a greater area than fades.

It is essential to know that the definition of a push-draw, straight draw, or pull draw in golf varies depending on the angle at which the ball is positioned. Push draws start straight and draw to the left, straight draws start to the left and draw back to the left, and pull draws start to the right and draw back to the left.

It’s time to draw it out

To make a draw, your clubface must be somewhat closed at impact concerning your swing path. Golfers with right-handed swings give their balls sidespin, which makes them curve to the left.

Amateurs tend to hit fades or slices rather than draws, exposing their clubface at impact. The draw shot shapes can be created in some ways, and we will discuss two of the most common ways in this section.

Remember that some of these may not be practical, for you can be critical. There will need to be a solution that works for you, so you will have to come up with one.

The first step is to change your alignment

The position of your feet should be in line with your shoulders when you step up to the target, and from this position, you can hit a golf ball. The best way to ensure that the club is released more easily and that it impacts the ball closer is to produce a smoother swing through impact, as recommended by Butch Harmon.

Second, you can use a firm grip

When you have a firm grip on the club, you can deliver the clubface in a relatively closed position when you strike the ball during impact. You can hit a straight shot by aiming (aligning) right, and avoiding turning the club over excessively, which will help prevent you from hitting an unwanted hook.

Whenever you are having troubles releasing the club and delivering the face of the club to the ball in a closed posture, it is time to loosen your grip on the club so that you can release it more easily. When hitting the ball, there is a suggestion in the article above that the goal should be to strike the ball with a slightly closed clubface relative to where the clubface is relative to the swing path when hitting the ball.

Should I proceed in this manner?

A high-quality adjustable driver, wood, or hybrid club can make a significant difference in the weight distribution of the club head. Enhancing your ability to hit draws by making it easier to hit them. You will be glad you invested in them because they will make your experience on the course more enjoyable for a long time to come.

Several high-quality club manufacturers are to consider, including Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra.


Several recreational and high-handicapper golfers have difficulty hitting draws on the course. Due to the tendency to come over the top among novices, fades are more common among amateurs. However, you can learn to draw with some practice and the proper technique.


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