Focus On Agri Warehouse And Finances


Agriculture is one of the greatest holding points of the Indian economy. The role of agriculture in the economy of this country should never be underestimated. No matter what – the field of agriculture will always have both direct and indirect effects on various sectors including the rural economy, service, and even manufacturing segments.

One also needs to be careful when they want to find agriculture warehouse and Agri finance sectors which can help in the growth of the overall agricultural economy of the country. If this sector keeps growing, it will always help both the big and the small farmers.

Agriculture in India

There are 2 main pillars when it comes to the scene of post-harvest agriculture in India. The first one is the storage of the harvested crops. The second one is the preservation of it along with agricultural financing. One should know that this country has 2 major crop cycles and they are known by the names Rabi and Kharif. The crops that are harvested during these cycles are always consumed in the following months which is basically throughout the year. This harvest and consumption have a direct relation to the farmer’s income. Not only that  it also affects the nutrition cycle and inflation of the Indian population. Hence, when storing the harvested crops – the most important thing to take care of is their survival of them.

When it comes to the preservation of crops the most critical challenge that one faces is the inadequate storage structure that prevails in the country. There are quite a few storage solutions that are not scientific. This can actually lead to quantitative and qualitative loss of crops. When that happens, it leads to economic loss for the farmers and definitely for the consumers.

In order to make the crop storage area better, the country needs some expert help. They need to make some better storage places and warehouses. These days, technological advancements and artificial intelligence have become a regular thing and with the help of that one needs to address the problems that agricultural warehouses are facing. The major focus should be on protecting the harvested crops by keeping them in proper warehouses. Also, it is very important to check at what stage these crops are.

Accordingly one needs a warehouse to store them. That is why; it is absolutely necessary to find out some new infrastructures and there have to be new technologies to keep the crops in a better condition. This is because; when it comes to a country like India even if some percentage of crops can be saved from crop loss post harvesting, then that should be huge.


One has to enlist warehouse silos that are proper in the country so that they can store the crops there. just like making better warehouses, it is also necessary to give importance to Agri financing because they play quite a crucial role in the chain value. It is important to make sure that even small farmers can make money after they harvest and sell their own crops.


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