Feature-Rich Leave Management Software – The Boon to an Organization

Feature-Rich Leave Management Software

When it comes to managing employee leaves, the HRs or the managers go through various challenges – last-minute requests, paperwork, the necessity to comply with the company’s leave policies, etc. All this can make the entire leave management a huge headache.


The main concern is how can you reduce this headache and focus on more important tasks of the company. An efficient leave management software is the solution. But what is it?


A decent leave management solution has an employee self-service option that gives employees the responsibility of submitting leave requests, freeing up the manager’s time. The centralization of leave tracking, production of vital statistics, and provision of significant insights into employee behavior all help managers. Managers can discover patterns of absence with the use of these indicators, which can increase productivity.


Read the blog further to know what a leave management system is and how it can benefit organizations.


What is a Leave Management System?


Leave Management Software is a tool that helps organizations streamline their leave management workflow efficiently. It makes the process simple for both the employee and the managers. The employees can easily submit their leave requests and the managers can approve or decline the request while adhering to the company’s leave policies.


How effectively your business manages time off is determined by the leave management system you use.


A decent online leave management solution has an employee self-service option that gives employees the responsibility of submitting leave requests, freeing up the manager’s time. The centralization of leave tracking and production of vital statistics, all help managers. Managers can discover patterns of absence with the use of these indicators, which can increase productivity. However, how can you choose the best leave management system for your company?


Look for the below standard features while you select leave management software for your company.


Key Features of Leave Management System


There are a lot of leave management softwares in India, and the best for every organization depends on their requirements. However, a standard leave management software holds the following key features.

1. Leave Tracking


The first item is Leave Tracking. A fundamental component of any leave management system is leave tracking, which keeps track of the time-offs taken by each person in your company. The leave tracking process includes keeping track of things like the number of leaves taken by each employee, their leave balance, and more.


2. Team Holiday Management


An additional crucial benefit of employee leave management software is that it provides context for the entire team regarding everyone’s vacation schedule. This aids in three areas: preventing the development of dependency, scheduling a day or a week by knowing who is present or absent, and arranging travel arrangements. When team members are held accountable for the successful operation of the group, employee engagement and participation rise.


3. Accruals and Carryovers


Any online leave management system must have the capacity to automate carryovers and allow accruals, which is a crucial component. These are procedures that, if carried out manually, are prone to error or oversight. A leave management system should make sure that it automates the entire process and matches the timely accruals and periodic carryovers with the regulation.


4. Approval workflows


Leave management is a straightforward task if done properly. A significant portion of this entire system is the approval procedure. Any leave management system must have the capability of establishing unambiguous approval workflows that correspond to or cover any circumstance or flaws. When setting up the approval workflow, your leave management software should often ask you the following questions:


– In the absence of the Reporting Manager, who approves the leave request?


– Who accepts an employee’s requests if they don’t report directly to a manager?


– How many times may a single employee apply for leave and have it rejected?


– How many days after an employee has used up their allotted paid time off are I, as the manager, allowed to approve?


– How many leaves can be approved concurrently at their maximum?


5. Dashboard with multiple uses


With just one fast glance, the Time-off Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of everything related to time off. Your team’s or your time-off pattern, past and upcoming time-off requests leave balance, and approaching holidays.


You can also approve or reject leave requests straight from the Dashboard if you are a Manager or HR Partner.


Benefits of Employee Leave Management System


1. Cuts Down Paperwork


Paperwork is outdated and time-consuming. Getting an online leave management system is one of the best ways to bid goodbye to lots of paperwork and automate the leave management process. HR managers can carry out every leave-related work from a single platform.


2. Reduces Manual Intervention


Manual interventions are prone to mistakes! HRs only need to provide input when using leave management software; the system handles the rest. HRs free up time for more important responsibilities.


3. Boost’s HR Efficiency


The best HR managers will show up! Because leave management software handles everything independently, HRs will feel more engaged and productive. The bottom line may be improved by effective HR managers.


4. Real-Time Data Accessibility


Accessibility in real-time equals more openness! Using a leave management system, both HRs and employees can examine and check the leave history, simplifying the process and fostering more employee trust.


5. Improves Company Values


An organization’s ideals are reflected in its effective leave management! The company’s culture will benefit when employee leaves are handled with the utmost accuracy and fairness.




Processes for managing leaves of absence can be automated, made more visible, and improved through improved collaboration. However, putting in place a user-friendly leave management system necessitates a high level of technical expertise.


UBS HRMS Software has an integrated leave management system that helps you manage all your employee leaves, approve or decline the leave requests, and much more. Lift this weight off your shoulders by utilizing UBS online leave management software. You are welcome to contact us to implement the best leave management system in India.

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