Celebrate Karwa Chauth 2022 in the most extraordinary way


Hindu ladies who are married or single observe Karva Chauth as one of the best fasting days. Married women observe this fast to ask God to lengthen their husbands’ lives. This blog contains comprehensive information on Karwa Chauth 2022, including its ritual, start time, end time, Sargi, methods for extending human life, and ways to strengthen the most vital connection between the human soul and its Creator. Continue reading to find out if keeping the Karva Chauth fast has any actual purpose. This beloved and renowned event is annually observed with much pomp. Since red is the color of love and symbolizes passion and fortune, most ladies wear it on this day. One of the significant Hindu holidays is this one for married ladies. You can also send gifts to Australia on the occasion of karwa chauth if they cannot visit India during this festive season. 

Married women observe a one-day fast from dawn to moonrise to protect and extend the lives of their husbands. The importance of this event is rooted in the notion that prayer and fasting will guarantee their husbands’ security, protection, and longevity. The military recruited most of the men in India’s northern states, forcing them to spend much time away from their wives and kids. The sacrifices were made to ensure they returned to their family quickly and safely. In this story, the husband fasts in secret to show his love and care for his wife while the wife observes a full day of fasting for her husband’s safety. After the moonrise, the husband feeds his wife, breaking or satisfying her fast. Husbands also order online sweets to gift their wives after they break their fast.

Why do people celebrate Karwa Chauth?

Karva Chauth, also known as Niraja Vrat, is a one-day festival during which married Hindu women perform fasts for their husbands’ well-being and safety. They start their fasts at sunrise and keep them up all day long till the moon. Women abstain from eating and drink while offering prayers to Lord Shiva. After making various offerings and seeing the moon, one of Hindu mythology’s most significant celestial bodies, they break their fast. Women implore Lord Shiva to shield them from harm and obstacles while praying for their husbands’ long lives. Additionally, it is believed that by commemorating this occasion, they will enjoy a happy, contented marriage. Married ladies observe several essential customs during Karwa Chauth to deepen the significance of their fast and the festival. On the special occasion of karwa chauth husbands gifts, their wife Online dryfruits and sweets, and even some people send gifts to their relatives and friends living there so they can also celebrate karwa chauth. To discover everything there is to know about them, please keep reading.

  • Mehendi and Alta combo

Married women decorate their hands and feet with Mehendi or henna in preparation for the Karwa Chauth holiday. These play an important role in traditional Hindu rituals.

  • Keeping a 24-hour fast

During the Karwa Chauth celebration, women keep a strict fast from sunrise until moonrise and offer prayers for their husband’s long life, happiness, and safety. They fast for the whole day, abstaining from food and water. Some men and single women observe this fast in support of their loved ones.

  • Shringar Karwa Chauth

Married women make ready like newlyweds before beginning the Karwa Chauth puja and the auspicious festivities.. As part of customary ceremonies, they don brand-new clothing, ideally red, and perform solah shringar, which denotes a happy marriage.

  • Katha and Puja for Karwa Chauth

Married women gather to watch the Karwa Chauth Katha and perform puja in the evening before breaking the fast. They also ask Goddess Parvati to grant their husbands long lives and prosperous marriages.

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  • Observing the moon and breaking the fast

On Karwa Chauth, women break their nirjala fast in the evening after spotting the moon. They give offerings (Arghya), pray, and observe the moon through a sieve or fine cloth before breaking the fast by drinking water from their husband’s hands. They prepare dinner at home after that.

Final Words

Women typically sing songs and do pujas while celebrating the Karwa Chauth holiday with other married women. Their mother-in-law provides them with “sargi.” Before sunrise, you must eat the nutritious foods that make up sargi. Then a day-long fast is observed beginning at sunrise, and the fast is only broken after seeing the moon and the spouse through the sieve.

Women dress up, participate in numerous daily ceremonies, and offer prayers for their husbands’ health and wealth. The husband assists them in taking a sip of water as they break their fast. Unmarried girls and boys can attend this auspicious festival in search of a good life companion, although married ladies tend to observe it more frequently.


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